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#22 duplicate After UPDATE; sort pseudogenes somebody val_wood

Some pseudogenes have changed status and need "warning, previously annotated as pseudo" and GO annotation.

This needs checking after the next GeneDB update.

The current list is attached

#27 duplicate Blank term in ncRNA controlled curation kim_rutherford val_wood

get rid of blank term= in Non coding RNAs in misc_RNA (463 errors)

these can just be discarded during the load (or removed from teh EMBL files)

#14 duplicate Change ISS evidence to ISO or ISA kim_rutherford val_wood

We can only use ISS in GeneDB but after the move, i) all ISS with=SGD -> ISO (inferred from sequence ortholog) ii) all ISS with=PFam/ with =InterPro? -> ISM (inferred from sequence model)

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