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#4 duplicate check ISS outliers/stale ISS somebody gomidori

There are a LARGE number of ISS annotations which are "unsupported" i.e the with column target does not have the annotation

A few may need removing but I think most probably need more granular at SGD. In some cases it is possible that the original annotation was removed from SGD (It would be great if there was some alerting for this!)

There is a Goose MySQL query to get the numbers.

Maybe this should link to a wiki page with a link to the query where we periodically check the total?

I don't really intend to do this as a task, but in general the numbers should obviously decrease.

It also might be a nice training exercise for Antonia (or us) to check a few of these and either

i) ask SGD if the annotation should be moved down


ii) find other supporting evidence


iii) remove if incorrect

#5 duplicate check GO protein binding reciprocal IPI kim_rutherford gomidori

Check that all GO protein binding IPI have reciprocal annotations

This should be added as part of the "Chado" loading or as part of the sanity checks

#6 duplicate ticket tracker queries on wiki gomidori gomidori

Formulate custom queries and put links on wiki for ticket tracker reports

  • open tickets for each assignee
  • open tickets for each component
  • open tickets, sorted by priority
  • closed tickets, sorted by component
  • all tickets, sorted by component

any others?

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