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#28 duplicate Summary use of "PSU" qualifiers kim_rutherford val_wood

There are 136 PSU qualifiers, Is it possible to extract their numbers of occurances from chado (when fully loaded) so I know how many times each qualifier is used and I can figure out which ones need mapping to annotation_extensions?


#1 duplicate review ubiquitin binding annotations somebody gomidori

There are a number of genes annotated with "ubiquitin binding"

I am not sure that these are all correct. I suspect that some should be "modification, ubiquitinated"

The annotations of the mappings may need updating.

(Other conjugating modifications may need checking also)

#3 duplicate annotate overlapping protein coding genes somebody gomidori

I want to annotate all of the protein coding genes which overlap with each other (as the overlaps are usually small, only a few amino acids), but it is useful to users to know.

I think this is most of them:

We can identify these in Artemis, and check that all are flagged (the new gene structures may have added or removed some)

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