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#28 duplicate Summary use of "PSU" qualifiers kim_rutherford val_wood

There are 136 PSU qualifiers, Is it possible to extract their numbers of occurances from chado (when fully loaded) so I know how many times each qualifier is used and I can figure out which ones need mapping to annotation_extensions?


#3 duplicate annotate overlapping protein coding genes somebody gomidori

I want to annotate all of the protein coding genes which overlap with each other (as the overlaps are usually small, only a few amino acids), but it is useful to users to know.

I think this is most of them:

We can identify these in Artemis, and check that all are flagged (the new gene structures may have added or removed some)

#7 duplicate annotation extensions somebody val_wood

Need to i) See which annotation_extension relations have been used so far, define them, add them to the wiki ii) GO through the older "qualifiers" and see which of these can move to annotation extensions iii) change existing annotation_extension "during" to exists_during

If you could add your examples to the Annotation Cross Products page on the gowiki ( under a suitable heading, as it's quite full, then everything will be in one place when we come to writing up the guidelines.

Thanks, Rachael.

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