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#7 duplicate annotation extensions somebody val_wood

Need to i) See which annotation_extension relations have been used so far, define them, add them to the wiki ii) GO through the older "qualifiers" and see which of these can move to annotation extensions iii) change existing annotation_extension "during" to exists_during

If you could add your examples to the Annotation Cross Products page on the gowiki ( under a suitable heading, as it's quite full, then everything will be in one place when we come to writing up the guidelines.

Thanks, Rachael.

#6 duplicate ticket tracker queries on wiki gomidori gomidori

Formulate custom queries and put links on wiki for ticket tracker reports

  • open tickets for each assignee
  • open tickets for each component
  • open tickets, sorted by priority
  • closed tickets, sorted by component
  • all tickets, sorted by component

any others?

#5 duplicate check GO protein binding reciprocal IPI kim_rutherford gomidori

Check that all GO protein binding IPI have reciprocal annotations

This should be added as part of the "Chado" loading or as part of the sanity checks

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