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Post translational modifications, move to ontology

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I had a tracker item to standardise the post-translational modification annotation (Which I think I have pretty much done, see
below), so these are probably ready to map to an ontology.

I was intending to do this as my "obo edit" training exercise, so you can issign this issue to me. I might pass it to Antonia and
do something else as I think this is pretty straightforward.

modification, acetylated (11)

modification, biotinylated (2)

modification, carboxymethylated (1)

modification, disulphide bond (2)

modification, farnesylated (10)

modification, gerenylgerenylated (3) correct spelling

modification, glycosylated (84)

modification, GPI attachment site (42)

modification, hypusination (1)

modification, lipidated (1)

modification, lipoylated (4)

modification, mannosylated (1)

modification, methylated (10)

modification, N-myristoylated (2)

modification, neddylated (3)

modification, palmitoylated (3)

modification, phosphatidylethanolominated (1) correct spelling

modification, phosphopantetheine attachment site (1)

modification, phosphorylated (1254)

modification, prenylated (4)

modification, proteolytic cleavage (11)

modification, trimethylguanosine capped (1)

S-thiolated (1)

modification, sulfinic acid formation (1)

modification, sumoylated (8)

modification, ubiquitinated (18)

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