How BioGRID's notation maps to what we want to display in PomBase web pages

Interactor A = subject (in chado) = "bait"

Interactor B = object (chado) = "hit" or "prey"

Also see BiogridSymmetry

BioGRID evidenceSymmetric?Interactor A (bait, subject)Interactor B (hit, prey, object)
Co-crystal StructureYco-crystallizes withco-crystallizes with
Co-fractionationYco-fractionates withco-fractionates with
Co-localization (not used by PomBase)Yn/a (would be co-localizes with)n/a (would be co-localizes with)
Co-purificationYco-purifies withco-purifies with
Reconstituted ComplexYforms complex withforms complex with
Affinity Capture-LuminescenceNaffinity capturesaffinity captured by
Affinity Capture-MSNaffinity capturesaffinity captured by
Affinity Capture-RNANaffinity capturesaffinity captured by
Affinity Capture-WesternNaffinity capturesaffinity captured by
Biochemical Activity (not used by PomBase)Nn/a (would be modifies)(would be modified by)
Far WesternNcapturescaptured by
FRETNfluorescence resonance energy donor tofluorescence resonance energy acceptor from
PCAN*interacts withinteracts with
Protein-peptideNbinds to peptide(peptide) binds to protein
Protein-RNANbinds to RNAbinds to protein
Two-hybridNbinds activation domain construct withbinds DNA-binding domain construct with
Negative GeneticYnegative genetic interaction withnegative genetic interaction with
Positive GeneticYpositive genetic interaction withpositive genetic interaction with
Synthetic Growth DefectYsynthetic growth defect withsynthetic growth defect with
Synthetic HaploinsufficiencyYsynthetic haploinsufficient withsynthetic haploinsufficient with
Synthetic LethalityYsynthetic lethal withsynthetic lethal with
Synthetic RescueNsynthetically rescued bysynthetically rescues
Dosage Growth DefectNgrowth defect in presence of overexpressedoverexpression causes growth defect to
Dosage LethalityNinviable in presence of overexpressedoverexpression lethal to
Dosage RescueNrescued by overexpression ofoverexpression rescues
Phenotypic EnhancementNphenotype enhanced byenhances phenotype of
Phenotypic SuppressionNrescued byrescues
  • PCA is not exactly symmetric, since there will be one N-terminal and one C-terminal reporter fusion construct, but we're not going to capture that. PCA can therefore be handled the same way as the symmetric interactions in the curation tool.
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