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     1Welcome to CANTO the PomBase community curation tool.
     3General text
     4Brief description of project/ tool
     5something like
     7CANTO is a Community annotation tool which has been developed for members of the fission yeast community to curate the genetic and molecular data from their publications, for inclusion in the PomBase Model organism database and for dissemination to other databases.
     9CANTO is a generic tool which will be made available for  other organisms
     12Curation Options
     13Curate your paper|| Demo || Help || Project Information ||
     16Under "Curate your paper"
     19If you wish to curate a paper from your laboratory, please enter the PubMed ID and begin curating.
     20You will be asked to supply the genes from you publication. You can then annotate your  genes set with:
     211. Phenotypes, alleles and conditions
     222. GO terms (biological processes, cellular components, and molecular functions)
     233. Genetic and physical interactions (BioGrid format)
     244. Post translational modifications
     26Note that, if your list is large, and the data is restricted to one or 2 data-types (i.e a phenotype screen)
     27you may want to supply the data as spreadsheet, please contact us directly for format details.
     29The curators are contactable by help at any point if you are stuck, or have any questions. Once you have begun curating the information will be preserved at this URL, so you do not need to complete the curation in one session.
     31Please note that you should only curate information supported by experiments supported in the paper you are curating, contact us directly to capture other information.
     33Under Demo
     35A demo is available here (volunteers for pdf of screenshots).
     38Under Information will be information about the project itself (progress/ stats etc)
     41This text (which will need to be updated accordingly)
     44and we will replace this link by the curation tool link when ready
     47Wait for rearrangement/ suggestions from M&A before implementing.....