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Welcome to CANTO, the PomBase community curation tool.

CANTO is an online annotation tool which has been developed to allow researchers to curate the genetic and molecular data from their publications for inclusion in public biological databases. Fission yeast data curated in Canto will have priority for inclusion in the PomBase model organism database, and will therefore also be rapidly disseminated to other databases (e.g. GenBank/ENA/DDBJ, UniProt, BioGRID and GO).

Originally created for members of the fission yeast community, CANTO is a generic tool which can be readily configured for use with other organisms and other databases.

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Curate a paper - About Community Curation - Demo - Help

'Curate a paper' page (new)

For newly published papers, PomBase curators will email authors inviting them to participate, with specific instructions and links. Lab members are also welcome to evaluate existing annotations and create new annotations from past publications.

If you wish to curate a paper from your laboratory, please enter the PubMed ID and proceed as directed.

PubMed ID: [nice friendly text box]

You will be asked to supply the genes from you publication. You can then annotate your genes with:

  1. Phenotypes (including details of alleles and conditions)
  2. GO terms (biological processes, cellular components, and molecular functions)
  3. Genetic and physical interactions (BioGRID format)
  4. Protein modifications

Once you have begun curating the information will be preserved at this URL, so you do not need to complete the curation in one session. You can use the 'Contact curators' link at any point if you get stuck, or have any questions.

Please note that you should only curate information supported by experiments supported in the paper you are curating. If you want to capture other information not directly shown in a particular paper, please contact us directly. [hyperlink 'contact us' mailto to pombase helpdesk]

If you have a large gene list with only one of two types of data (e.g. a phenotype screen), you may want to supply the data as spreadsheet rather than via Canto. Please contact us directly for format details. [again, linky for 'contact us']

'About' page (new, or link to existing page?)

[information about the community curation project]

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'Demo' page (new)

A demo is available here [add link to pdf of annotated screenshots ... curators will produce the said pdf].

'Help' page (new)

[all the help documentation that the curators have yet to write will live here once we write it ...]