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    1717||All histones||????||These are often not annotated with their roles in cell cycle regulation and repair, and so they are excluded from the graphs (also need to have specific nucleosome terms, 'what do you call a normal nucleosome?l' and 'centromere specific'||
    1818||dsc2||???||activation of sre2 TF? positive regulation of SREBP signaling pathway by transcription factor cleavage? for the Dsc subunits? may be in one of the other dsc papers.... chung paper?||
    19 ||pck1||?????||phosphorylates  mcm2,4,6, caf1, swi6,rad9, swi3, mrc1 crm1 and other importins||
    2019||Pad1/Rpn11 and Mts3/Rpn12 are subunits of the lid subcomplex||?????|| in PMID: 16149916 Mutations in the genes encoding these two subunits were isolated in a screen for mutants that were both esistant to methyl 2-benzimidazolecarbamate, a microtubule in- hibitor, and Ts for cell-cycle progression [19,20]. Ts mutations in both genes cause arrest of the cells in mitosis, probably because of a failure to degrade cyclin B/Cdc13 and securin/Cut2. ||
    2120||cdc20|| ?????|| When Cdc20 is overexpressed, securin can be degraded during interphase, whereas other destruction box proteins will remain stable. In cells lacking Cdc20, securin remains stable, and sister chromatids will not separate (Visintin et al., 1997).||