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  • ChromosomeSegregation

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    3131||fta4 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete ||15/1/2015||
    3232||fta6 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete ||15/1/2015||
    33 ||fta7 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete except  CC PMID: 24789708||20/1/2015||
     33||fta7 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete except  CC PMID:24789708||20/1/2015||
    3434||mis6 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete except CC PMID:24789708 PMID25375240||20/1/2015||
    3535||mis15 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete ||6/1/2015||
    36 ||mal2  Mis6-Sim4 complex ||PMID: 12242294 + others  ||-||
     36||mal2  Mis6-Sim4 complex ||PMID:12242294 + others  ||-||
    3737||sim4 Mis6-Sim4 complex ||annotation complete ||20/1/2015||
    3838||sos7  NMS complex  ||annotation complete ||6/1/2014||
    3939||spc25 NMS complex/ Ndc80 complex||annotation complete  needs annotation to ndc80 complex||20/1/2015||
    40 ||spc7 NMS complex ||in progress IS THIS TURNING SAC SIGNALLING OFF?  PMID: 17035632||-||
     40||spc7 NMS complex ||in progress IS THIS TURNING SAC SIGNALLING OFF?  PMID:17035632||-||
    4141||ndc80 NMS complex/Ndc80  ||annotation complete needs annotation to ndc80 complex ||-||
    4242||mis12 NMS complex||annotation complete||01/03/2016||
    5555||mis17 ||annotation complete ||6/1/2015||
    5656||cnp20 ||annotation complete ||6/1/2015||
    57 ||ppe1 ||to do PMID: 12773390  ||-||
    58 ||scm3 ||PMID: 19217404 (also mis16)||-||
     57||ppe1 ||to do PMID:12773390  ||-||
     58||scm3 ||PMID:19217404 (also mis16)||-||
    5959||cnp1 ||in progress||-||
    6262||cut14||condensin complex SMC subunit Smc2||-||
    6363||mal3 ||in progress||-||
    64 ||cnp3||PMID:15791413 PMID: 24449889 autonomous||-||
    65 || sds22 phoshatase ||PMID: 1846086 PMID: 15335873 PMID: 8374168 ||-||
     64||cnp3||PMID:15791413 PMID:24449889 autonomous||-||
     65|| sds22 phoshatase ||PMID:1846086 PMID:15335873 PMID:8374168 ||-||
    6666|| cnd1 condensin complex non-SMC subunit ||annotation complete  CC-PMID:25764183||23/10/2015||
    67 || cnd2 condensin complex non-SMC subunit ||CC PMID:21633354 CC PMID: 25764183 ||-||
     67|| cnd2 condensin complex non-SMC subunit ||CC PMID:21633354 CC PMID:25764183 ||-||
    6868|| cnd3 condensin complex non-SMC subunit ||CC-PMID:25764183||23/10/2015||
    6969||cbh1 kinetochore protein, CENP-B homolog Cbh1|| -||
    7272||hos2||PMID:17352737 plus||-||
    7373||pcs1||PMID:20935472 plus... ||-||
    74 ||ams2||PMID: 12535531  cenp-a loading PMID: 20604974 CC PMID: 23195958 PMID: 23267073 ||-||
     74||ams2||PMID:12535531  cenp-a loading PMID:20604974 CC PMID:23195958 PMID:23267073 ||-||
    7575||nsk1||abnormal clustering of kinetochores to spindle pole bodies||-||
    7676||cut4/apc1 APC subunit, platform subcomplex ||CC-PMID:24948786    PMID:19117951   PMID:12615927  PMID:10582241  PMID:10526233 PMID:10082519 PMID:8918880||-||
    7777||apc4/cut5 APC subunit, platform subcomplex ||???||-||
    78 ||apc5/cut5 APC complex subunit ||PMID: 19584054||-||
     78||apc5/cut5 APC complex subunit ||PMID:19584054||-||
    7979||apc15 APC, platform subcomplex ||annotation complete||24/11/2015||
    80 ||apc8 APC  TPR lobe subcomplex  ||PMID:11777938 PMID: 18354085 PMID:23583778||-||
    81 ||cut9/apc6  APC TPR lobe subcomplex  ||PMID: 16453724 PMID: 8668127 PMID: 8632802 PMID: 9475720 PMID: 9790601 PMID: 12653962 PMID: 24948786||-||
     80||apc8 APC  TPR lobe subcomplex  ||PMID:11777938 PMID:18354085 PMID:23583778||-||
     81||cut9/apc6  APC TPR lobe subcomplex  ||PMID:16453724 PMID:8668127 PMID:8632802 PMID:9475720 PMID:9790601 PMID:12653962 PMID:24948786||-||
    8282||apc3  APC TPR lobe subcomplex  ||???||-||
    8383||apc12/hcn1 APC subunit TPR lobe accessory factor Hcn1||annotation complete ||||