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    7878||alp7||PMID:12951601 PMID:14742702 PMID:16481403  PMID:17579515  review-PMID:17714654  PMID:19606211  PMID:19696784 PMID:19879140  PMID:21327068   CC-PMID:23770679 CC-PMID:24790093   PMID:25057016 CC-PMID:25472718  CC-PMID:26864000 ||-||
    7979||alp14||PMID:11369198    PMID:12426374  PMID:14742702   (connection between gtpase missing  PMID:17476213)  PMID:19696784 CC-PMID:22696680 CC-PMID:23770679 CC-PMID:24790093 CC-PMID:26864000||-||
    80 ||dis1||PMID: 16920624  plus...||-||
    8180||'''misc mainly inner?(8)'''||- ||-||
    8281||clp1||PMID:11683392 PMID:14765109  PMID:16085490  PMID:16687577   PMID:18303049  PMID:18385517  PMID:19570910 PMID:21098635 PMID:21098641  CC-PMID:22645648 CC-PMID:22665807||-||
    145144||cdc13 G2/M B-type cyclin Cdc13||-||-||
    146145||dis2 serine/threonine protein phosphatase PP1||PMID:2561424  PMID:2245912 review-PMID:1668885  useful_review-PMID:1336448 PMID:19592249 PMID:10668632  PMID:14765108  PMID:15020842 PMID:8305731 PMID:21664573 CC-PMID:21703453  PMID: 21965289   PMID: 23333317  PMID: 24554432 PMID: 24945319    CC-PMID:23333317||-||
    147 ||dis1 phosphatase||-||-||
     146||dis1 phosphatase||PMID: 16920624  plus.||-||
    148147||cdc2 cyclin-dependent protein kinase Cdk1/Cdc2||-||-||
    149148||fin1 serine/threonine protein kinase||- ||-||
    202201||mfh2||annotation complete except CC-PMID: 24026537||10/10/2016||
    204 ||dis1 ||PMID:16920624 plus…XMAP215/ TOG/Stu2-family homolog, binds microtubules and localizes to kinetochores (Nakaseko et al., 2001). Mutants in dis1 lack the chromosome alignment phase in metaphase and arrest with elongated spindles and segregated but unseparated chromosome pairs (Nabe- shima et al., 1998; Ohkura et al., 1988).dis1 mutants arrest with an activated spindle checkpoint and appear to experience an increase in sister chromatid cosegregation (70%) at full restrictive temperature. Such cosegregation results when mono-oriented attachment of sister kineto- chores to microtubules from the same SPB is not corrected. Since dis1 mutants lack the phase of constant spindle length when chromosomes are properly aligned ||-||
    205 || dis2 phosphatase  ||PMID:21664573 PMID:21965289|| -||
    206203||cut7||In the temperature-sensitive cut7 mutant, spindle formation is blocked shortly after duplication of the SPB. The mitotic spindle radiating from the opposite poles cannot interdigitate and thus remains as a V shape (Hagan and Yanagida, 1992). The cut7- specific defect generates a condition whereby the bipolar attachment of the spindle to kinetochores is not achieved. Previously, we demonstrated that this defect causes an arrest in a mad2+-dependent manner (Kim et al., 1998). At the restrictive temperature the majority of Mad2-GFP was found on condensed chromosomes as one or more speckles (Fig. 4).||