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Annotation Priorities

Function pririties priorities Targets of gene products (for improving networks) priority papers

  • Mus81-T239A disrupts the ability of Cds1 to bind and phosphorylate Mus81 and causes hyperrecombi- nation upon hydroxyurea-induced replication arrest (Kai et al., 2005) PMID: 15805465 .
  • mcs6 substrate cdc2 PMID: 8557037

Process priorities

Process priorities : chromosome segregation, DNA metabolism, cytokinesis, regulation of mitotic cell cycle, ascospore formation, autophagy (quick and good GO terms), cytokinesis, establishment or maintenance of cell polarity. protein modification by small protein conjugation or removal

process chromosome segregation: main curator val genes 207 of which 183 published esyN
gene/complexstatus date
fta1 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2014
fta2 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2014
fta3 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2014
fta4 Mis6-Sim4 complex in progress -
fta6 Mis6-Sim4 complex in progress -
fta7 Mis6-Sim4 complex in progress -
mis6 Mis6-Sim4 complex in progress -
mis15 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2014
mal2 Mis6-Sim4 complex PMID: 12242294 + others -
sim4 Mis6-Sim4 complex in progress-
sos7 NMS complex annotation complete 6/1/2014
spc25 NMS complex/ Ndc80 complexto do PMID:15728720 -
spc7 NMS complex in progress-
ndc80 NMS complex/Ndc80 to do PMID:21256022 PMID:15728720 -
mis12 NMS complexto do PMID:7865880 PMID:10398680 PMID:10761928 PMID:10864871 PMID: 15502821 PMID: 15930132 PMID: 16079915 -
mis13 NMS complexto do PMID:18362178 -
mis14 NMS complexannotation complete 6/1/2014
nnf1 NMS complex to do PMID:17035632 -
mis16 CENP-A recruiting complex complete except PMID:22771823 (out for CC) and scm3 papers-
mis18 CENP-A recruiting complex complete except PMID:24789708 (out for CC) -
mis19 CENP-A recruiting complex complete except PMID:25375240 (out for CC) -
mis20 CENP-A recruiting complex in progress -
nuf2 Ndc80 complex in progress-
spc24 Ndc80 complex annotation complete (when the ndc80 done) -
dad1 DASH complex to do PMID:16079914 PMID:16079915 -
csm1 monopolin complex in progress PMID: 20935472 plus…-
mde4 monopolin complex in progress-
hhp1 monopolin complex in progress-
hhp2 monopolin complex in progress-
mis17 annotation complete 6/1/2014
cnp20 annotation complete 6/1/2014
dis1 PMID:16920624 plus… -
ppe1 to do PMID: 12773390 -|
scm3 to do PMID: 19217403 PMID: 19217404 (also mis16)-
cnp1 in progress-
mal3 in progress-
cnp3PMID: 15791413 PMID: 24449889 autonomous-

Notes and annotation questions on chromosome segregation

  • read review PMID: 23512483
  • is CENP-A containing nucleosome assembly part of kinetochore assembly? Although the outer repeats play an important role in sister centromere cohesion and possibly help to properly orient the multiple kinetochore microtubule attachment sites (Pidoux and Allshire, 2004
  • Centromeres: getting a grip of chromosomes. Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 12, 308–319., the central region is needed for the assembly of the kinetochore per se and the interaction with the mitotic spindle fibers
process cytokinesis: main curator val genes 139 of which 136 published esyN
gene/complexstatus date