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Process: Mitotic Chromosome Segregation
Curator : Val
Genes products: 187 gene products (165 published 22 inferred )
GO inferred network esyN (network includes all? components but some are not linked to overall process)
PMID search on (pombe OR "fission yeast") and "chromosome segregation" >554 publications
161 conserved to human (DASH complex missing)
Mis6-Sim4 complex (12) --
fta1 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete6/1/2015
fta2 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2015
fta3 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2015
fta4 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 15/1/2015
fta6 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 15/1/2015
fta7 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:2478970820/1/2015
mis6 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:24789708 CC-PMID:2537524020/1/2015
mis15 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2015
mal2 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:24789708 9/03/2016
sim4 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 20/1/2015
mis17 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete 6/1/2015
cnl2 Mis6-Sim4 complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:24789708-
NMS/Ndc80 complex (10) - -
ndc80 NMS complex/Ndc80annotation complete1/03/2016
mis12 NMS complexannotation complete1/03/2016
mis13 NMS complexannotation complete 20/1/2015
mis14 NMS complexannotation complete 6/1/2015
sos7 NMS complex annotation complete 6/1/2015
spc25 NMS complex/ Ndc80annotation complete20/1/2015
spc7 NMS complex mei-PMID:17035632-
nnf1 NMS complex annotation complete6/10/2016
nuf2 Ndc80 complex PMID:18411404 CC-PMID:25688135-
spc24 Ndc80 complex annotation complete20/1/2015
CENP-A recruiting complex(4)- -
mis16 CENP-A recruiting complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:22771823 and scm3 papers-
mis18 CENP-A recruiting complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:24789708 15/1/2015
mis19 CENP-A recruiting complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:25375240 15/1/2015
mis20 CENP-A recruiting complex annotation complete20/1/2015
DASH complex(10)- -
dad1 DASH complex annotation complete1/3/2016
ask1 DASH complex annotation complete20/1/2015
dad2 DASH complex annotation complete 6/5/2016
dad3 DASH complex annotation complete17/3/2016
dad4 DASH complex annotation complete17/3/2016
dad5 DASH complex PMID:25342311-
dam1 DASH complex PMID:18632983 PMID:20730753 PMID:18262494 CC-PMID:23770679 CC-PMID:24239120 -
duo1 DASH complex annotation complete6/5/2016
spc19 DASH complex annotation complete17/3/2016
spc34 DASH complex annotation complete6/5/2016
condensin complex (5- -
cnd1 condensin complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:2576418323/10/2015
cnd2 condensin complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:21633354 CC-PMID:257641833/10/2015
cnd3 condensin complex annotation complete except CC-PMID:2576418323/10/2015|
cut14 condensin complex Smc2PMID:15485909 PMID:17030601 PMID:20709788 CC-PMID:22645654 CC-PMID:25847133 -
cut3 condensin complex Smc4mei-PMID:12750522 PMID:15485909 PMID:19910488 PMID:20709788 PMID:26832414-
monopolin complex (2)- -
csm1 monopolin complex annotation complete1/3/2016
mde4 monopolin complex annotation complete1/3/2016
mitotic spindle checkpoint proteins (7)- -
bub1PMID:9864354 mei-PMID:11331883 PMID:11882285 PMID:12606573 mei PMID:14730319 mei-PMID:16360688 mei-PMID: 17932486 * PMID: 18094750 PMID: 18556659 PMID: 19965387 PMID: 20929775 PMID: 21447816 PMID: 26483559 PMID: 26581324 -
bub3 PMID: 19846658 PMID: 22521786 -
dma1PMID: 8978687 PMID: 11271422 PMID: 12479804 PMID: 20826461 PMID: 20980623 PMID: 21131906 PMID: 22669973 PMID: 22809626 PMID: 24838944 -
mad1PMID: 14592707 PMID: 15525673 PMID: 17004072 PMID: 2625863-
mad2PMID: 9223296 PMID: 9461438 PMID: 9601094 PMID: 9742398 PMID: 10462526 PMID: 11080156 PMID: 11331883 PMID: 11432827 PMID: 11685532 PMID: 11882285 PMID: 11909965 PMID: 11950879 PMID: 11952833 PMID: 11967147 PMID: 12186944 PMID: 12242294 PMID: 12426374 PMID: 12676091 PMID: 12951601 PMID: 15146064 PMID: 15347659????? PMID: 15483052 PMID: 15743824 PMID: 15930132 PMID: 16107732 PMID: 16303848 PMID: 16394105 PMID: 16855399 PMID: 16861909 PMID: 17277378 PMID: 17380189 PMID: 17409356 PMID: 17561805 PMID: 18414064 PMID: 18505884 PMID: 18562692 PMID: 18632983 PMID: 18644893 PMID: 19168987 PMID: 19592249 PMID: 19666000 PMID: 19680287 PMID: 20375067 PMID: 20444100 * mei-PMID: 21423721 PMID:22184248 PMID:22281223 PMID:22437499 CC-PMID:22825872 CC-PMID:24469396 CC-PMID:24477934 CC-PMID:24666325 CC-PMID: 26882497 CC-PMID:27664031-
ubc11 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2- annotation complete 18/11/2015
chromosome passenger complex (4)- -
bir1 PMID: 11861551 PMID: 11882285 PMID: 16199877 PMID: 17205051 PMID: 17322402 PMID: 17473896 PMID: 18362178 PMID: 20016281 PMID: 20739936-
kinesins/dynein (6)- -
cut7PMID:9461438 PMID:9490630 PMID:11792803 PMID:23973085 CC-PMID:24239120 CC-PMID:25348260 CC-PMID:26031557 PMID:26909973 -
klp2PMID:16002618 PMID:16998477 PMID:17036054 PMID:17254972 PMID:17389875 PMID:17409356 PMID:18540083 PMID:19430466 PMID:21151990 CC-PMID:25869666-
klp5PMID:11870212 PMID:11967147 PMID:12426374 PMID:14573463 PMID:18553361 PMID:19037096 PMID:19293830 PMID:22363481 (PMID:24239120 not sure about status) (PMID:25472718 needs GO) CC-PMID:27146110 -
klp6see klp5-
klp9PMID: 22264609 -
dlc1PMID:14655046 PMID:15802518 -
dhc1PMID:15802518 PMID:16988108 PMID:17509158 CC-PMID:25688135 CC-PMID:25869666 -
TACC TOG + dis(3)- -
alp7PMID:12951601 PMID:14742702 PMID:16481403 PMID:17579515 review-PMID:17714654 PMID:19606211 PMID:19696784 PMID:19879140 PMID:21327068 CC-PMID:23770679 CC-PMID:24790093 PMID:25057016 CC-PMID:25472718 CC-PMID:26864000 -
alp14PMID:11369198 PMID:12426374 PMID:14742702 (connection between gtpase missing PMID:17476213) PMID:19696784 CC-PMID:22696680 CC-PMID:23770679 CC-PMID:24790093 CC-PMID:26864000-
misc mainly inner?(8)- -
clp1PMID:11683392 PMID:14765109 PMID:16085490 PMID:16687577 PMID:18303049 PMID:18385517 PMID:19570910 PMID:21098635 PMID:21098641 CC-PMID:22645648 CC-PMID:22665807-
cnp1 in progress-
pht1 PMID: 24186062 stabilizes fission-yeast ectopic centromeres -
cnp20 annotation complete6/1/2015
cnp3PMID:15791413 PMID:24449889 autonomous-
nsk1abnormal clustering of kinetochores to spindle pole bodies-
sgo2PMID: 14730319 PMID: 14972679 PMID: 16360688 PMID: 17301288 PMID: 17322402 PMID: 17932486 PMID: 19680287 PMID: 19965387 PMID: 20739936 PMID: 26804021-
wip1annotatio complete (no publications)16/10/2016
cohesin complex (5)- -
pds5 mitotic cohesin-associated protein Pds5PMID:11598020 PMID:11861765 mei-PMID:16893973 CC-PMID:22640989 CC-PMID:26511279 CC-PMID:27084937 -
psc3 mitotic cohesin-associated protein Pcs3PMID:11780129 mei-PMID:12750522 PMID:16207082 PMID:16682348-
psm1 mitotic cohesin-associated protein Psm1PMID:11598266 PMID:11927594 mei-PMID:12748297 PMID:15485909 PMID:16861909 PMID:17030601-
psm3 mitotic cohesin-associated protein Psm3PMID:11927594 PMID:12711320 PMID:15485909 CC-PMID:21979813 CC-PMID:22640989-
mitotic cohesin complex, non-SMC subunit Rad21 (kleisin)PMID:8960127 PMID:9475720 PMID:10207075 PMID:11598020 PMID:11598266 PMID:11882285 PMID:12361567 PMID:12748297 PMID:12750522 PMID:12773391 PMID:16325576 PMID:16861909 PMID:16904908 PMID:18239448 PMID:18505884 PMID:19528228 CC-PMID:21189291 CC-PMID:25778919-
APC complex (14)- -
cut4/apc1 APC subunit, platform subcomplex annotation complete except CC-PMID:2494878612/10/2016
apc4/cut5 APC subunit, platform subcomplex ???-
apc5/cut5 APC complex subunit PMID:19584054-
apc15 APC, platform subcomplex annotation complete24/11/2015
apc8 APC TPR lobe subcomplex PMID:18354085 PMID:23583778-
cut9/apc6 APC TPR lobe subcomplex PMID:16453724 (rad PMID:8668127 PMID:947572) PMID:12653962 CC PMID:24948786-
apc3 APC TPR lobe subcomplex ???-
apc12/hcn1 APC subunit TPR lobe accessory factor Hcn1annotation complete
apc13 APC subunit TPR lobe accessory factorannotation complete24/18/2015
apc10 APC substrate recognition subunitG1-PMID:9736616 G1-PMID:10582240-
apc2 APC cullin family subunitannotation complete24/4/2015
apc11 APC ubiquitin protein-ligase E3 subunit annotation complete24/4/2015
apc14 APC (might be apc16 ortholog)annotation complete24/4/2015
APC activator (1)- -
slp1 substrate-specific mitotic metaphase/anaphase APC coactivatorPMID: 16453756 PMID: 9001228 PMID: 9461438(*) PMID: 10459014 PMID: 11909965 PMID: 15620645 PMID: 18556659 PMID: 24161933 PMID: 24948786 -
mfr1/fzr1 APC/C activator PMID: 11493649(done) PMID: 11405625 PMID: 18644893 PMID: 11405625 PMID: 23628763-
srw1/ste9 substrate-specific mitotic G1 APC coactivator Srw1/Ste9 PMID: 9571240 PMID: 1934119 PMID: 9398669 (val) PMID: 9571240 PMID: 9736616(val) PMID: 11029045 PMID: 12186947 PMID: 14985109 PMID: 16627999 PMID: 19596787 PMID: 23195958(cc)-
APC inhibitor- -
mes1 meiotic APC inhibitorPMID: 15791259 (done) PMID: 18331722(*) PMID: 21389117(*val) PMID: 8082199 PMID: 11459187-
APC targets- -
rec8 PMID: 10207075 -
slp1Cdc20 OX > securin can be degraded during interphase, whereas other destruction box proteins will remain stable. In cells lacking Cdc20, securin remains stable, and sister chromatids will not separate (Visintin et al., 1997).-
gamma tubulin complex- -
alp4 gamma tubulin complex subunitannotation complete CC-PMID:24704079 CC-PMID:2388693923/10/2015
alp6 gamma tubulin complex Alp6annotation complete CC-PMID:24704079 CC-PMID:2388693923/10/2015
alp16 gamma tubulin complex Alp16annotation complete23/4/2015
gfh1 gamma tubulin complex Gfh1annotation complete23/10/2015
gtb1 gamma tubulin Gtb1annotation complete28/4/2015
mod21 gamma tubulin complexannotation complete28/4/2015
pcp1PMID:11864908 PMID:14711417 PMID:15992541 CC-PMID:19942852 mei-PMID:22438582-
mzt1 mitotic spindle organizing protein Mzt1 annotation complete23/4/2015
proteasome complex (39)- -
separase securin complex- -
cut1PMID:9635190-cut2 substrate missing REVIEW-PMID:10651900 PMID:16861909 PMID:16904908 PMID:18239448-
cut2PMID:9755167 PMID:11029045 PMID:11598020 PMID:11967147 PMID:12783882 PMID:15146064 (sessions created upto here) rqh1-PMID:16303848 CC-PMID:22645648 -
Msd1-Wdr8-Pkl1 complex- -
msd1 microtubule-anchoring factor Msd1annotation complete except CC-PMID: 26031557 11/10/2016
wdr8 mitosis-specific spindle pole bodyannotation complete11/10/2016
pkl1PMID:10749926 PMID:18984586 PMID:19838064 CC-PMID:23388459 CC-PMID:25348260 CC-PMID:26031557 -
SMC loading complex- -
mis4PMID:9808627, required in S-phase, not destroyed in G1-
ssl3 cohesin loading factor Ssl3 PMID:24291789 PMID:19454013 PMID:18079700 PMID:16682348 -
wpl1 Wings apart-like homolog Wpl1PMID: 18079700 PMID: 21300781 PMID: 22640989 PMID: 26583750 -
? remaining 51? including (list on desktop):- -
misc kinase/phosphatase- -
ppe1 to do PMID:12773390 -
sds22 phosphatasePMID:1846086 PMID:15335873 PMID:8374168 -
sds23 PP2A-type phosphatase inhibitor--
cdc13 G2/M B-type cyclin Cdc13--
dis2 serine/threonine protein phosphatase PP1jacky-PMID:2245912 review-PMID:1668885 useful_review-PMID:1336448 PMID:10668632 PMID:14765108 PMID:15020842 PMID:8305731 CC-PMID:21703453 PMID: 21965289 PMID: 23333317 PMID: 24554432 PMID: 24945319 CC-PMID:23333317-
dis1 phosphatasePMID: 16920624 plus.-
cdc2 cyclin-dependent protein kinase Cdk1/Cdc2--
fin1 serine/threonine protein kinase- -
cek1 serine/threonine protein kinase Cek1 --
gsk3 serine/threonine protein kinase Gsk3 --
ekc1 protein phosphatase regulatory subunit - -
ubiquitin related- -
ubc4 PMID: 7698660 PMID: 8972853 PMID: 19423874 PMID:19584054 PMID_21389117 CC PMID: 24454826 -
cut8 tethering factor for nuclear proteasome PMID:12653962 (more about repair, mah PMID:17178839)-
mlo2 ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component human N-recognin 7 homolog Mlo2 --
cdc48 AAA family ATPase --
cohesion- -
dfp Hsk1-Dfp1 kinase complex regulatory subunit Dfp1--
eso1 sister chromatid cohesion protein--
swi6 HP1 family chromodomain protein Swi6 --
prw1 Clr6 histone deacetylase complex subunit--
clr6 histone deacetylase (class I) Clr6 --
rmi1 RecQ mediated genome instability protein Rmi1--
hta2 histone H2A beta--
hta1 histone H2A alpha--
spindle- -
cdc31 centrin -
mto1 MT organizer Mto1--
mal3 PMID: 11086011???-
ppc89 spindle pole body protein --
alp11 tubulin specific chaperone cofactor Bannotation complete 01/3/2016
alp21 tubulin specific chaperone cofactor Eannotation complete 01/3/2016
alp31 tubulin specific chaperone cofactor Aannotation complete 01/3/2016
alp1 tubulin specific chaperone cofactor Dannotation complete 9/3/2016
alp41 GTP-binding protein (beta-tubulin folding)annotation complete 01/3/2016
misc cenp- -
cbh1 CENP-B homolog Cbh1PMID:10733588 PMID: 12130537 PMID: 17940212 PMID: 21151105 PMID: 22042869 -
cbh2 CENP-B homolog Cbh2-
cbp1 CENP-B homolog Cbp1-
misc- -
scm3 PMID:19217404 PMID:15316103 PMID:24186062 (also mis16) CC PMID:24789708 PMID: 26921242-
csi1annotation complete01/3/2016
pcs1PMID:20935472 plus... -
orc5 origin recognition complex subunit Orc5 -
nud3 nuclear distribution protein NUDC homolog -
dcc1 Ctf18 RFC-like complex subunit Dcc1 -
sfc3 transcription factor TFIIIC complex B box binding subunit Sfc3 -
top1 DNA topoisomerase I -
ctf8 DNA replication factor C complex subunit Ctf8 -
gpn2 conserved ATP binding protein -
rna1 Ran GAP Rna1 -
top3 DNA topoisomerase III -
sfi1annotation complete except CC-PMID: 25031431 CC-PMID:25736294 CC?-PMID: 26175449-
mfh1annotation complete except CC-PMID: 2402653710/10/2016
mfh2annotation complete except CC-PMID: 2402653710/10/2016