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Pombelist Future Postings

  • mating type region, centromeres etc
  • Community Curation demo/video etc
  • telomeric contig and pending sequence assembly update
  • Products
  • Orthologs (human)
  • Gene names- naming Committee, procedures
  • promoters
  • give demo curation tool link to community
  • protein complex data
  • How to link to and from PomBase/? external refs section
  • increased page loading speed, when fixed
  • Data formats for HTP datasets PomBase? and public resources (+ help page), proteomics, trasncriptome, phenotype, GO etc
  • Browse phenotype ontology (And FAQ)
  • characterization progress
  • Advanced search
  • GO slim
  • unstudied genes (update after v 33)
  • FAQ
  • External links
  • mailing list archive