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Pombelist Future Postings


  • Help FAQ mailing list archive and other documentation
  • enrichment and slimming (pombe Slim)
  • getting data into PomBase?, how to curation and phenotypes and HTP sequence
  • diff between FYPO and GO
  • turning on tracks (track labelling) (after response from Nick, and everyne happy) (did we do this? still need to check Pacos transcriptome)
  • announce protein level similarity, compara(fix)
  • features
    • mating type region, centromeres etc
    • telomeric contig and pending sequence assembly update
    • promoters (later)
    • Products
  • Orthologs (human/ cerevisiae ) tables and searching
  • Advanced search egs /documentation for advanced query and ability to use AND operator in query history
  • List upload
  • searching / ability to search on SGD IDs/ site wide page search when avaiable
  • enabling ESTs from all Ensembl views
  • Browser issues and feedback
  • Motif search
  • FYPO submit data, search, browse, download
  • Summary sentances (Antonia)
  • disease genes, lists, searvching, cancer census, orthologs link to cosmic -> somatic mutations
  • protein complex data
  • protein comparison views of other schizos (and possible trouble shooting of aligment viewer), waiting until alignments are not gapped

Community curation

  • launch and main tool /demo tool/ documentation
  • video

Gene Names

  • Gene names- naming Committee, naming procedures, naming drive
    • PLEASE USE 3 alpha numberic
    • refereeing, check names are in database

Annotation amnesty

  • list of checks to make for your favourite gene


  • How to link to and from PomBase/? external refs section/ what is there
  • Data formats for HTP datasets PomBase? and public resources (+ help page), proteomics, transcriptome, phenotype, GO etc
  • mailing list archive
  • Which paper to use to cite fission yeast data from genedb once geneDB has disappeared
  • annotation amnesty
  • apologise about increasing gene page length, will fix redundancy and rearrange later


  • characterization progress (update)
  • unstudied genes (update after v 33)