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  • (qualifiers: full, partial)
  • If has a human ortholog is it associated with any disease?
  • If has catalytic activity can you curate rate constant etc?
  • If DNA binding do you know the binding specificity?
  • Is the gene used in any experimental gene constructs?

syntax used for complementation

full complementationqualifier=full
partial complementationqualifier=partial
pombe gene X complements loss of homologous gene in other organism Yfunctionally complements organismY geneX
loss of pombe gene is complemented by gene X from another organism Yfunctionally complemented by organismY geneX
no complementation observeddoes not functionally complement organismY + geneX
no complementation observedis not functionally complemented by organismY + geneX
example string/controlled_curation="term=complementation, functionally complements S. cerevisiae GSH2; qualifier=partial; db_xref=; date="