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Curation Tool Brainstorming Page

This page is for ideas about the curation tool -- interface improvements, new features, etc.

When an idea matures into a specific task (e.g. for Kim), create an item on the SourceForge PomBase Curation Tool tracker

Streamlined interface (for expert/professional curators)

Background: Midori has a moan, thusly:

The way the tool currently works, with roughly a page per step, is really good for community curation -- it's intuitive and breaks annotation tasks down into nice simple steps that allow bench biologists to carry on devoting their enormous brain power to thinking about biology.

I'm finding that it's not so well optimised for professional curators who spend quite a lot of our time on annotation tasks -- the break-it-into-pieces approach that makes it accessible to the community becomes repetitive and too click-intensive for frequent, heavy use. It's not just that I don't need the drill-down GO navigation; there are a lot of clicks and pages for subsequent steps that I would also love to streamline.

  • Small thing: we can skip the 'submitter update' page, since we go in via the log in/start page/etc route.
  • Not-so-small thing: It would be very nice indeed if we didn't have to keep going back to the 'Choose curation type' page for every new annotation. Probably don't need to split out as many types for ourselves as we do for the public -- M thinks all three GO curation types can be lumped (we do look for annotations to all three branches, but don't need separate pages to make the annotations), and also the two interaction types (just have a pulldown or pair of radio buttons for 'genetic' or 'physical').
  • More radical idea: For GO annotations, it would really make sense to have places to enter the gene, ontology term ID, evidence, and 'with' entry (where required) all on one line.
    • gene name - could be chosen from a pulldown of the genes we've put on list for the paper (or maybe pre-filled, or typed in .. this is the bit I've thought through the least)
    • ontology - search box that behaves sort of as it does now, except choosing a term would fill its ID into a box; can also type or paste ID into box
    • evidence - initially pulldown of codes, eventually --> pulldown of ECO terms or ECO search 'n fill box
    • 'with' - pulldown of genes added for paper

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