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    11= Multi-gene phenotype support =
     3== Suggestions from 2013-06-28
     5  * sometimes we have a genotype which is two alleles from the same gene
     6    * they add an extra copy of a gene
     7  * complementation - have a separate annotation type "complementation"
     8    * it should be mostly the same interface as the multi-gene phenotype except that instead of choosing pombe genes to add, they can use any Uniprot (only?) ID
     9    * after choosing the foreign gene everything else shoud be the same
     10  * maybe choose allele first, then FYPO term - for single gene phenotype too
     11  * for multi-gene phenotypes, maybe choose the condition on the evidence page
     12    * hard to do for single gene phenotypes because we can add multiple alleles and each allele needs its own conditions and evidence, but:
     13  * perhaps for the single gene phenotypes we could change things so that
     14    * the user adds alleles to a list (as now)
     15    * add checkboxes beside each allele in the list
     16    * have an "Annotate" button that acts on the selected allele
     17      * "Annotate" will take the user to the FYPO term chooser, then the condition/evidence page, then back to the allele list
     18  * for multi-gene phenotypes, have an "Choose (phenotype) term" button that
     19    * goes to the FYPO term chooser
     20    * and to the condition/evidence page
     21    * then goes back to the genotype page
     22  * have a shortcut that queries Chado for existing genotypes for a set of genes
     23    * show a list of allele combinations and their name (if anty)
     24    * allow choosing from the list or starting fresh
    328== Suggestions from Skype calls ==