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    144144(prompted by an email exchange among curators)
     146=== 2015-01-12 ===
     147Very tiny bit of testing, but enough to find 2 bugs (mah):
     149 * I added a few (bogus, testing-only) GO annotation, including one MF and one BP on the paper summary page, then duplicated and edited one of them (the BP, I think). I also added one modification annotation. All that went fine. Then I went to a gene page, saw that there's still no "single gene phenotype" option, and went back to the summary page. When I landed there, I saw 7 copies of the GO molecular function annotation and none of the others.
     151 * I added a genotype -- no problems -- and went to add a phenotype for it. If I selected a FYPO term that has no children, the term detail page was blank except for "ontology: fission_yeast_phenotype". There were no other details and no link to suggest a term. If I picked a term that does have children, the page looked normal. Either way, I could click "proceed" to use the selected term and the rest of the operation went as expected. (well, except for the bit where I got the previous bug again when I went back to the summary page)