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    1313   * ~~add an input field for an optional "name" for the genotype~~ - DONE kmr 2014-06-06 - needs better formatting
    1414   * allow searching by genotype "name" - autocomplete and then fill in the identifiers
     17=== New thoughts from testing 2014-10-24 (Val) ===
     19  *  The Genotype list  has instruction s "Add a Genotype"
     20I think that for single gene mutant alleles this might be a bit opaque what the user needs to do. I think it might be more obvious if this was called
     21“Genotype and allele list” and the instruction “Add an allele, or a genotype” ...although I am not welded to this and would happily go with any better suggestions (THIS ONE NEED CURATOR DISCUSSION)
     23  * I think most users won't have a clue what to add for a name. We don't want them typing in the entire
     24 plo14-123,cdc2delta,cdc3-345 etc, but we need to make it clearer what to add.
     25So, we need to say (succinctly) something  to convey  this “This is an optional “short name”, the lab strain name will do, or , another published label to enable to you to find this genotype quickly)
     26“ A ‘formal’ description of the form(plo14-123,cdc2delta,cdc3-345) will be constructed from the individual alleles  in the database so you do not need to type that in here"  (THIS ONE NEED CURATOR DISCUSSION)
     28  * It would be nice if it were clearer when an allele had been added from the genes in your list. Maybe oce you have selected your gens for a specific genotype, once you added the allele the "add allle box" changed in some way
     29(this might not be good if you have 2 allleles of the same gene) (IGNORE THIS ONE FOR NOW)
     31 *  Details should show the
     32formal name (i.e plo1-ts18,nod1delta), and the “user  given name” i.e (mystrain2)
     34 * Choose evidence for annotating x with y -Make it clearer that here we are doing evidence AND condition
     35  *1.  Suggest Select evidence  and add conditions(for x with y)
     36  *2. Put a bit of separation between the evidence box and the conditions
     37  *3. Previously used conditions do not get added to the list when you click on them
    1648=== New thoughts from testing 2014-10-24 (Midori) ===