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Multi gene phenotype support

Suggestions from Skype calls

Suggested changes from Antonia and Midori

  • Allow editing of conditions after evidence
  • Split phenotype table on publication page into single and multi-gene phenotype annotation tables
    • needs fixing anyway as all phenotype annotations appear on all gene pages
  • Hyperlink "Genotype name" in the phenotype annotation table
  • Under "Actions ..." just say "Add a new phenotype for this genotype" - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
  • On the "Add a genotype" page:
    • add gene names beside the allele names in the allele table
    • add an input field for an optional "name" for the genotype - DONE kmr 2014-06-06 - needs better formatting
    • allow searching by genotype "name" - autocomplete and then fill in the identifiers

Suggested changes from Val

  • have an "edit gene list" on the "Add a genotype" page - call it "add genes" on this page - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
  • "Actions:" should be "Action" on the genotype page - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
  • "Add a new phenotype ..." should be "Add phenotype to genotype" - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
  • Add conditions to evidence page
  • on publication page "Add a genotype" -> "Select a genotype" - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
  • on the "Select a genotype" page
    • first choose the genes for the genotype - checkboxes - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
    • then "Continue" - DONE kmr 2014-06-06
    • then "choose an existing genotype" from a list, if any
    • otherwise, add alleles ...
  • Add auto suggest existing geneotypes based on the collection of genes

selected from the list of avaiable genes (BEFORE alleles are added, you only need to do this if your genetype does not already exist)

To-do items / bugs

  • the same annotation appears on every gene and genotype page