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    8282     * Need to figure out how to get the closed items to display be default to everyone (i.e. Midori's saved search) From Midori ( and look in the "Saved searches" box on the right. If it's worked, there will be an item in the "Load saved search" pulldown for "all resolved tickets". Select it, click the Load button, and then click either the "Add these terms and Search" button or the "Update format and Search" one.)
    8383     * Need to figure out why the automatic CC back to helpdesk does not work ( gives e-mail with no content, but if you type explicitly you do get the response?
     84     * It is possible that CCing the tracker in response to an item which wasn't sent directly to the helpdesk does not open an item, only doing TO: (need to check this)
     85     *  How do we view ALL open tickets (i.e once they are "taken" they only seem to be visible to the assignee?
    8487   * I'd like to propose a system something along the lines of:
    8588     * Antonia monitors the helpdesk (so will go thorough some basic instruction on how to assign RT items to others)