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    1313 == In Progress, parked ==
    15   * which other relations need to be included in Canto? (so far only has_part, is this in the live tool yet or test only?) All keep a look out for this in the tool, and think about which others we want to see.
    17   * Discussion about search behavior for phenotypes (alleles, conditions, multigene, and GO extensions)
    18    Decided:
    19    * For now we will only provide allele type filter (ignore conditions, penetrance, expressivity) for phenotype, Midori will do a mock up (null expression/overexpression) [ ticket for mockup]
    20     *  Discussion for how to handle searches on GO extensions was postponed, and will be addressed when we go through the relations list and decide what type of queries might be useful
    21     * For multi-gene phenotypes so far decided
    22      *  will need to be able to search on a phenotype and then filter on one of
    23       * single gene phenotype. Single gene phenotype only will allow the allele filter option.
    24       * single or multi-gene phenotype
    25       * multi-gene phenotype only
    26     * we are not currently sure what the results page should show. Two types of output, geneotype list and genes. A summary of the genotype list and the gene list? discuss this next.
    27      * The gene list will populate the current query history table. but the query history will need an additional table for genotypes  (what do we want to be able to do with geneotype lists in the history?)
    28      * need the ability to filter results to present genotypes with a specific gene
    30   * creating a DB x-ref for ISS inferences for annotations other than GO
    31     * will get rid of
    32     *
    33     * suggestion PB_REF:0000001 "def"
    3515   *  Do we want to group some phenotypes (normal?) do we have a preferred ordering
    3717    * want to avoid terms which are not 'disjoint'
    39    * describing multinucleate...HOW?
    40      Need to find out when a cell is considered separate cells first. Asking Jacky and Mohan
    4219   * Did we decide for sure whether 'abolished' means (to the best of our knowledge..) 'does not start at all' or 'may start but never completes' (I tend to use it in the latter sense, but Midori seemed to favour the former?).
    4320    * e.g chromosome segregation and
    4421     (Midori is asking about the PATO structure)
    45     * Things to do after multi-gene phenotypes available
    46      * update curation tool documentation (first draft done; curators to review)
    47      * get some example multigene phenotypes visible on  pomBase pages (q: where is display mock-up? a: [ compact] [ full])
    48      * update pombase web documentation to reflect new in
    49      * announce multi-gene phenotype availability
    5024     * make podcasts to demo curation tool (announce on pombelist)
    51      * send out session reminders, and new sessions
    52      * target individual groups who have not participated, or who have stalled sessions
    5427   * annotate to protein complex ID (can get from PRO)?