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PomBase Curator Meetings


Next Items, in rough order of priority

  • Val- Go through curation tracker high priority items (some are duplicated below)
  • Val- update on phenotype mapping, where it is, what to do with removed annotations
  • Antonia- Summarize community curation session quality/ ommissions
  • Val- viability exercise results (if time but will be quick)

  • what we do about phenotypes for double mutants (display/query/enrichment etc)
  • PHAF/GPAD/GPI files for export/import etc.

  • Should we add GO/protein binding terms for enzyme/substrate combinations?
    • should we use the BioGrid? evidence code "biochemical activity" which we don't use at the moment.
  • Biogrid has recorded notes and phenotypes of their interaction. Looks pretty useful....can we display/convert?

Lower priority

  • Discuss regulation of G1/S in relation to 6ff4c9edff12167b (look at annotation in context of all genes in this session)
  • discuss establishment of cell polarity and the signalling network (MOR) (see e-mail Create