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PomBase Curator Meetings



  • Processing phenotype screens
    • Down to one assigned to Jurg (community) and one where I have a couple of questions to discuss (midori 2015-03-25)
  • General curation priorities based on biology
  • make podcasts to demo curation tool (announce on pombelist)
  • return papers to submitters if we think they haven't done some data-types (still thinking about this)
  • Q when we say ‘arrest’ what do we mean?, should all 'arrest' phenotypes distinguish between normal and abnormal (should cell cycle arrest phenotype, and some children, be not for direct annotation)
  • Discuss the item about capturing phenotypic observations vs. Phenotypes thread PMID:19033384 (postponed, needs more thinking, we don't completely know what to do about it)
    • advanced search, better to have just query management ?

Annotation issues, syntax, procedures, extensions etc

  • discuss Rama's question about "response to" extensions
    • also discuss what is being regulated here .....I don't think it is -ve reg of the transition (this acts through cdc2 and not through trancription)
  • longer term: decide what IDs we actually want to enter at curation time (and whether Canto or Chado should do any fancy mapping taking ontology term and extension relation into account)

Curation issues biology (by 'slim' or broad annotation topic)

Cell Cycle

Chromatin Organization

  • regulation of histone modifications., GO or phenotype? /curs/97535c919f7436fe thread

Establishment and/or maintenance of Cell Polarity

  • discuss establishment of cell polarity and the signalling network (MOR)

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