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This page is now for curators to draft the content of pages to be added to Canto.

Kim's instructions for text changes

Take the HTML text from here: change it, and then email me the complete new HTML page or put the changed file in Dropbox and tell me about it.

Note: Once a page exists, don't use this page to inform Kim of desired changes. Instead, follow the instructions in this SourceForce ticket (the comment stamped Date: 2012-11-22 19:27:47 PST; you may have to click "show hidden comments" to see it).

You can get the up-to-date HTML as a file using the "RAW" link on the individual pages - eg.

Things in square brackets [] are explanations to ourselves, and won't appear on Canto pages.

List of pages to create or other text items required, please transfer "live" sections to "old stuff"

Front page

'About' page (new, or link to existing page?)

[include stats - no. papers, no. annotations, etc.]

'Demo' Tutorial page (new)

A demo tutorial is available here [this will link to pdf of annotated screenshots ... curators will produce the said pdf].

'Help' page (new)

[all the help documentation that the curators have yet to write will live here once we write it ...]

Old stuff

'Curate a paper' page

Now live at