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External GO Data Files

File From Contains/notes
go_proc.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS and IEP, can all be filtered
go_func.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS only, can all be filtered
go_comp.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS only, can all be filtered
GO_ORFeome_localizations2.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file cellular component IDA annotations from the while genome localization study, no filtering
GO_ORFeome_localizations2_deleted.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data File of annotations removed (false positives) could later be added to the database with a "flag" and not be shown, but no need to do anythig with these
From_curation_tool pombe-embl/external_go_data Early annotations exported from the annotation tool, various experimental annotation codes, no filtering
gene_association.pombase.inf.gaf Assigned by GOC, drop all annotation periodically and update. These should all be pe filtered so there shouldn't be any redundancy (need to check with Chris)
gene_association.paint_GeneDB_Spombe /lustre/scratch103/sanger/maa/go/go/gene-associations/submission/paint/pre-submission/gene_association.paint_GeneDB_Spombe Omit file for now, it doesn't add much new data and there are annotation issues with the current file...we get this file from the GO checkout
gene_association.GeneDB_Spombe.ics.gaf GOA file from ???-

Note that all of these files need to goa-data filters applying to remove uninformative and incorrect GO terms