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External GO Data Files

File From Contains/notes
go_proc.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS and IEP, can all be filtered
go_func.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS only, can all be filtered
go_comp.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file NAS only, can all be filtered
GO_ORFeome_localizations2.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data static file cellular component IDA annotations from the while genome localization study, no filtering
GO_ORFeome_localizations2_deleted.tex pombe-embl/external_go_data File of annotations removed (false positives) could later be added to the database with a "flag" and not be shown, but no need to do anythig with these
From_curation_tool pombe-embl/external_go_data Early annotations exported from the annotation tool, various experimental annotation codes, no filtering
gene_association.pombase.inf.gaf Assigned by GOC, drop all annotation periodically and update. These should all be pe filtered so there shouldn't be any redundancy (need to check with Chris)
gene_association.paint_pombase.gaf Omit file for now, it doesn't add much new data and there are annotation issues with the current file...we get this file from the GO checkout When we include, need to filter "NOT" annotation
gene_association.GeneDB_Spombe.ics.gaf GOA file from ???-

Note that all of these files need to goa-data filters applying to remove uninformative and incorrect GO terms