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Standard PomBase? GO slim IDs See

GO:0007031 GO:0030437 GO:0023052 GO:0030036 GO:0006520 GO:0032200 GO:0016074 GO:0005975 GO:0070647 GO:0000070 GO:0032543 GO:0002181 GO:0030163 GO:0055086 GO:0006351 GO:0006260 GO:0071554 GO:1901990 GO:0140013 GO:0006461 GO:0071941 GO:0006355 GO:0006399 GO:0042254 GO:0006457 GO:0006486 GO:0016071 GO:0007005 GO:0006310 GO:1901135 GO:0000747 GO:0006913 GO:0006091 GO:0006914 GO:0098754 GO:0016192 GO:0051186 GO:0007163 GO:0006605 GO:0061024 GO:0006629 GO:0006281 GO:0000281 GO:0051604 GO:0007155 GO:0055085 GO:0006766 GO:0006325 GO:0000226

Slim Set used for unknown project

The PomBase? slim set is too specific for many organisms annotation swap GO:0002181 cytoplasmic translation and GO:0032543 mitochondrial translation for GO:0006412 translation GO:0030036 actin cytoskeleton organization and GO:0000226 microtubule cytoskeleton organization for GO:0007010 cytoskeleton organization

Slim Set used for Matrix project