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Annotation Extensions Field (annotation extension/allele/residue/qualifier)

  • Multiple entries can be added, comma (,) separated. This field can temporarily be used to capture:
    • annotation extension=,
    • residue= describing residues modified or mutated
      • Restrictions: Residue= should only be used with Modification, Protein Sequence Feture or GO protein binding terms to specify a particular residue or region bound (we may extend this to other MF to capture active sites etc)
    • If you want to specify a modifying enzyme, do this on the modification: annotation_extension=annotation_extension=added_by(PomBase:nnnnn),annotation_extension=added_during(GO:0030702)
    • Phenotypes: see Phenotype section above
      • note: used to use extension field for alleles and conditions, but the curation tool now supports those directly (much better!)

For the available relations to use with any curation type , please see the specific documentation (GO, phenotype, Expression, Modification)