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Genetic and Physical interactions

  • Biogrid evidence code definitions
  • List of which IGI & IPI are reciprocal
  • Directionality of annotation
    • Interactor A (BioGRID) = subject (chado) = bait
    • Interactor B = object = hit/prey
    • SGD Curator help - has a section on the direction of the interactions (bait/hit). In general, the rescued gene is the bait and the rescuer is the hit. Similarly, the enhanced gene is the bait and the enhancer is the hit.
    • NEW epistasis (same pathway/ no additive effect) BioGRID are going to add this calling it "asynthetic" (wt<a=b=ab).
      • Document these on the wiki for now. Later need to migrate my legacy annotations which are done with GO process/IGI? and qualifier "same pathway" (we do not require this is duplicated as a GO annotation because it should already be captured by the IMP for the single mutant)
    • also see BioGridBaitHitNotationMapping

  • High confidence binary interactions (within complex, or transitive) should also be captured with a GO protein binding annotation