Content to send upon HTP data form receipt

To validate your file:

  1. Go to any page in the PomBase genome browser, such as
  2. Click "Add your data" in the left-hand margin.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter a file name, and either paste the file contents or use the "Browse" button to upload a file.
  4. Click the "Add data" button.

If the file is correctly formatted, you will see a link to a region displaying your data. At this point the data is only visible to you as it is loaded only within your session on the server.

To upload your validated file:

  1. Connect using your preferred FTP client to:
       Username: eg_ftp
       Password: 8SkTeZVu
  2. Change directory to upload, then pombase (i.e. to
  3. Upload your data as a compressed tar or zip archive with the name you used in the corresponding Data Submission form. Please email the PomBase helpdesk to let us know the upload is complete (if possible, please reply to the email you received from the helpdesk system when you submitted the form, but don't worry if you don't have it available). Note: This FTP upload directory is used by various EBI collaborators, not restricted to the PomBase project. Although files will be removed as soon as possible, you should be aware that your files will be visible to other users of this system.
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