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    1010* SGD displays expression data nicely e.g [[BR]]
    1213'''Feedback from retreat''' [[BR]]
     14•       Genome visualization in Ensembl. A feature that allows scrolling left and right like in X-map would be useful
     15•       RNA-seq data (and chip-seq). Does Ensembl support squiggly data tracks or only boxes? Comparison between species would be useful, showing conserved refions, like in UCSC.
     16o       Intra-species variation and SNP’s – wiggle tracks for gene diversity
     17•       Multiple data-sets on tracks. Make them searchable. Show one as consensus and the others beneath. Data-sets should be searchable and suppressible.
     18•       Will our data be loaded into Biogrid? Many people who do not use PomBase may use Biogrid.
     19•       Could make a Pombe wiki where academics can freetype pombe facts. Different pages for different features/conditions or whatever. Suppress text from people who talk rubbish.
     20•       E-QTL data – show in the genome browser and on gene-pages. Human ensemble may already do this. Might be difficult to do on tracks.
     21•       Protein modifications – show on the protein sequence. Also map out functional regions, catalytic residues.
     22•       All data should be downloadable.
     23•       Support a repository for alignmemts. Dan had problems with a publication once because there was nowhere where he could publically store his alignment.
     24o       Genome scale alignments
     25•       Transcript boxes: this needs to be referenced and show what data-sets that have been used to define UTR’s etc.
     26o       Evidence codes could also be shown.
     27o       If multiple alternatives the data could be shown on tracks.
     28o       There should be links to papers.
     29o       They could be searchable and suppressible.
     30o       RNA seq data
     31o       Different transcripts under different conditions could be shown
    1434'''Locating terms''' [[BR]]