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Examples of distant orthologs not picked up by most ortholog predictors

  • SPAC3A12.08
  • SPAC29B12.03 YLR437C (detected builfding Pfam)
  • SPAC4D7.10c YOL148C (hAT subunit)
  • SPACUNK4.15 YGR247W
  • SPBC651.11c YBR288C PMID 14745133 ISS
  • SPAC11H11.01 YCL008C PMID 14745133 ISS
  • SPCC126.13c none SAP18 family
  • SPAC1F3.07c YLR033W
  • SPACC11E10.04 YMR282C
  • SPAC7D4.11c YLR440C
  • SPBC2A9.04cYDR143c
  • SPBC16C6.09
  • SPB1E7.09
  • SPAC22A12.07
  • APR CDA1 YLR307W and YLR309W
  • SPCC736.12c not sure
  • cox18 YGR062C"
  • Hos3/ S. cerevisiae HSK1 (directed search)
  • SPBC336.08 = spc24
  • SPCC188.04c = spc25 Hiroshi PUB, I had an error
  • ker1/PMID 15647272
  • cdt1 (PMID 11836525) not RBH
  • rec10
  • rap1 ? sdistant
  • nse1 PMID:12966087
  • sgo1
  • sgo2
  • slx4 YLR135W

increased total gene number is due to new small genes; SPAC19D5.09c (ctf8)- the ortholog of YHR191C (CTF8), and SPBC106.05c was identified in a targeted search for the ortholog of YDR322C-A SPCC1442.15c|YGR062C (pers. comm. Nathalie.Bonnefoy) not reciprocal best hits but SPCC1442.15c is the functional ortholog of S. cerevisiae COX18

SPAC1002.02|YLR018C (pers. comm. Maria Novatchkova) from Psi-blast, family included in Pfam as NPCC Pf08058

SAPC32A11.01|YOR188W (pers. comm. Maria Novatchkova) from Psi-blast, family submitted to Pfam

SPCC417.02 | YKL138C-A (S. pombe Hos3 identified as ortholog of kinetochores DASH complex component HSK3, targeted search for ortholog of new S. cerevisiae gene YKL138C-A), family submitted to Pfam


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