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pombe gene cerevisiae gene Pub if available
mediator, various
apc, various
mitochondrial ribosomal, various
SPB, various
deltion paper, 4 new
Takashi eg
SPAC13F5.04c/Vta1 family
hop1 YIL072W; db_xref=PMID:15226405;
SPAC29B12.03 YLR437C (detected builfding Pfam)
SPBC776.06c YOR129C
SPAC23H4.08 YDL115C
SPAC458.06 YGR223C

split cluster Res2(SPAC22F3.09c)is the S.pombe homolog of S. cerevisiae MBP1(YDL056W) Res1 (SPBC725.16)is the S. pombe homolog of S. cerevisiae SWI4(YER111C) Cdc10 (SPBC336.12c)is the S. pombe homolog of S. cerevisiae SWI6(YLR182W)

SPBC16A3.07c YNR009W (Nrm1, Charly Chahwan)

SPAC4D7.10c YOL148C (hAT subunit) SPACUNK4.15 YGR247W SPBC651.11c YBR288C PMID 14745133 ISS SPAC11H11.01 YCL008C PMID 14745133 ISS SPCC126.13c none SAP18 family SPAC1F3.07c YLR033W SPACC11E10.04 YMR282C SPAC7D4.11c YLR440C SPBC2A9.04cYDR143c Sir Antagonist ortholog

MADS BOX assocaited

SPBC16C6.09 SPB1E7.09 SPAC22A12.07 with similar to S. cerevisiae YJR143C and YOR321W and YDR307W and YGR199W and YDL095W and YDL093W and YAL023C cluster split

APR CDA1 YLR307W and YLR309W

SPCC736.12c not sure

MAR 16.15 cox18 YGR062C"

MAR.02.05 S. pombe Hos3/ S. cerevisiae HSK1 (directed search)

SPBC336.08 = spc24 SPCC188.04c = spc25 Hiroshi PUB, I had an error

ker1/PMID 15647272

eukaryotic core predicted to range from 400 PMID 15068361 to ???r

cdt1 (PMID 11836525) not RBH rec10 hop1 rap1 ? sdistant nse1 PMID:12966087 sgo1 sgo2 Gould lab other GNC's ? diff list slx4 YLR135W

increased total gene number is due to new small genes; SPAC19D5.09c (ctf8)- the ortholog of YHR191C (CTF8), and SPBC106.05c was identified in a targeted search for the ortholog of YDR322C-A SPCC1442.15c|YGR062C (pers. comm. Nathalie.Bonnefoy) not reciprocal best hits but SPCC1442.15c is the functional ortholog of S. cerevisiae COX18

SPAC1002.02|YLR018C (pers. comm. Maria Novatchkova) from Psi-blast, family included in Pfam as NPCC Pf08058

SAPC32A11.01|YOR188W (pers. comm. Maria Novatchkova) from Psi-blast, family submitted to Pfam

SPCC417.02 | YKL138C-A (S. pombe Hos3 identified as ortholog of kinetochores DASH complex component HSK3, targeted search for ortholog of new S. cerevisiae gene YKL138C-A), family submitted to Pfam