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Yeast/ ascomycete specific complex members May be conserved but not yet detected

  • STE18 YJR086W gamma subunit of G protein (check)
  • MGR1 YCL044C iAAA protease complex subunit (saccharomycetes only)
  • RSF1 YMR030W (yeast only)
  • AIM23 YJL131C? mitochondrial IF3 (saccharomycetes only)
  • SPP381 YBR152W (ascomycota only)
  • SHE1 YBL031W (ascomycota only)
  • NTC20 YBR188C (ascomycota only)
  • UTP8 YGR128C (ascomycota only)
  • NVJ1 YHR195W nuclear envelope protein (saccharomycetes only) (confirmed with PSI-blast)
  • VID22 YLR373C is paralog of ENV11 (ascomycota only)
  • ENV11 YGR071C is paralog of VID22 (ascomycota only)
  • TMA10 YLR327C ribosome associated (ascomycete only)
  • TMA16 YOR252W ribosome associated (ascomycete only)
  • TMA17 YDL110C (ascomycete only)
  • TMA24 YOL111C (ascomycete only variant or RAD23 paralog)
  • TMA108 YIL137C
  • PEX8 YGR077C (yeast only)
  • PEX21 YGR239C (yeast only)
  • ATG23 YLR431C (yeast only)
  • ATG21 YPL100W (ATG18 releated)
  • ATG27 YJL178C mainly fungal but som metazoa. no human or pombe detected

  • there are also 64 essential genes in budding yeast which do not appear to have a fission yeast ortholog