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SPAC17G8.12 YER008C from PMID:22768263 SPBC16C6.01c YDR257C (faster evolving duplicate) SPCC417.07c YAL047C PF12808 SPAC17G8.03c removed YBR278W from PMID:15388803, added YER159c based on and others SPCC16C4.22 added YBR278W based on SPAC24H6.13 removed YMR266W PSI Blast and homologene SPBC354.08c added YMR266W PSI Blast and homologene SPAC12G12.15 added YDR282C (already has YDL001W) SPCC16C4.01 added YDR282C (already has YDL001W) SPAC977.14c added YPL088W from SPCC895.07 added YLR045C from SPAC16A10.03c YMR231W SPBC32H8.07 removed YOR212W SPCC1902.01 YFL021W from SPCC757.15 YML129C SPAC25G10.03 added YIR017C already has YNL013W SPAC6B12.16 YBR076W see Pfam:PF14616; SPAC1486.05 removed YKL068W and YMR047C (Only have one domain in common) still has YGL092W SPAC6F6.16c added YIL009C-A from Pfam:PF10341