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Version 2.17

SPAC17G8.12 YER008C from PMID:22768263

SPBC16C6.01c YDR257C (faster evolving duplicate)

SPCC417.07c YAL047C PF12808

SPAC17G8.03c removed YBR278W from PMID:15388803, added YER159c based on and others

SPCC16C4.22 added YBR278W based on

SPAC24H6.13 removed YMR266W PSI Blast and homologene

SPBC354.08c added YMR266W PSI Blast and homologene

SPAC12G12.15 added YDR282C (already has YDL001W)

SPCC16C4.01 added YDR282C (already has YDL001W)

SPAC977.14c added YPL088W from

SPCC895.07 added YLR045C from

SPAC16A10.03c YMR231W

SPBC32H8.07 removed YOR212W

SPCC1902.01 YFL021W from

SPCC757.15 YML129C

SPAC25G10.03 added YIR017C already has YNL013W

SPAC6B12.16 YBR076W see Pfam:PF14616;

SPAC1486.05 removed YKL068W and YMR047C (Only have one domain in common) still has YGL092W

SPAC6F6.16c added YIL009C-A from Pfam:PF10341

Version 2.16


SPBC947.14c YBR120C (pers. comm. Nathalie Bonnafoy)

SPCC663.11 YBR194W; PMID:21386897

SPBC14F5.02 YGR166W (Pfam:PF12735)

SPAC1751.04 YFR001W (gene structure update enabled detection of ortholog)

SPAPB17E12.06 YPL255W (gene structure update enabled detection of ortholog)

SPBC215.04 YJR086W (not functional orthologs)

SPBC32H8.07 YOR212W (not functional orthologs)

SPCC16C4.20c YDL002C (PSI blast and functional correspondence Ino80 complex)

SPCC1020.13c added YOR022c

SPAC1006.01 added YOR003W (already has YEL060C) (from Compara)

SPAC4A8.04 added YOR003W (already has YEL060C) (from Compara)

SPAC277.14 added YFR007W removed YNL129W (from Compara)

SPAC12B10.14c removed YHL007C

SPAC1F5.09c removed YHL007C added YOL113W and YNL278W (from Compara)

SPAC3G6.05 removed YLR251W added YOR292c (from Compara)

SPAC664.06 removed YGL076C|YPL198W added YNL002C

SPBC1685.07c added YIL088C (from Compara)

SPCC285.11 added YDL091C (already has YML013W) (from Compara)

SPCC970.03 added YKL150W (already had YIL043C|YML125C|YML087C)

SPAC17H9.12c removed YKL150W added YOR037W

SPBC713.11c added YDL123W and YJL151C (already has YDR276C)

SPCC1183.09c added YDL123W and YJL151C (already has YDR276C)

SPBC577.15C YLL022C

SPBC32H8.07 YOR212W

SPCC1682.11C YOR161C

SPAC458.04C YMR299C

SPBC1271.14 YMR062C

SPAC3A12.02 added YMR267W

SPAC23C11.05 added YBR011C

SPAC1002.05c added YJR119C removed YMR176W

SPBC18H10.17c removed YKL167C added YDR296W (this was correct in the database but wrong in the table)

New genes

SPBC19G7.19 YPR133W-A PMID:21511999

SPAC977.18 YBL029C-A PMID:21511999

SPCC663.18 YER180C-A PMID:21511999

SPBC460.01c YBR068C|YBR069C|YCL025C|YDR046C|YDR508C|YEL063C|YGR191W|YKR039W|YNL268W


SPBC460.02c YGR201C|YKL081W|YPL048W (PMID:18727152)

SPBC460.03 YBR293W|YMR088C (PMID:18727152)

SPBC460.04c YLL057C (PMID:18727152)

SPBC460.05 YJR152W|YLR004C (PMID:18727152)

SPAC12G12.17 YJL205C

SPAC1486.11 YIL098C

SPAC15A10.17 YPL189C-A

SPAC167.09 YNL158W

SPAC1952.04c YBL029C-A

SPAC1B3.21 YJL062W-A

SPAC1F7.14c YDL157C

SPAC22F3.15 YOR215C

SPAC23H4.21 YLR407W

SPAC25H1.10c YOL077W-A

SPAC3F10.19 YLR437C

SPAC4D7.14 YGL108C

SPAC4F10.22 YMR194C-B

SPAC6B12.19 YLR221C

SPBC1604.25 YER058W

SPBC1711.18 YBR122C

SPBC21B10.14 YFR049W

SPBC24C6.13 YMR244C-A

SPBC25H2.18 YDR231C

SPBC2F12.17 YMR256C

SPBC30D10.21 YDR493W

SPBC4.07c YDL007W

SPBC409.23 YLR099W-A

SPBC530.16 YNL024C-A

SPBC887.22 YJR010C-A

SPBC8D2.23 YNL122C


SPCC1183.12 YKR092C





SPCC162.05 YOL096C

SPCC162.06C YDR486C

SPCC162.07 YDL161W|YLL038C|YLR206W

SPCC162.08C YIL149C|YKR095W

SPCC162.09C YLR450W|YML075C


SPCC162.11C YNR012W

SPCC162.12 YPL180W

SPCC4B3.20 YKL137W

SPBC2F12.17 YMR256C

SPBP35G2.16C YGR146C

Split clusters

SPAC17A2.14|SPBC27B12.12C. YOL130W |YKL064W split to SPAC17A2.14 YKL064W AND SPBC27B12.12C. YOL130W

SPBC577.13|SPBC2G2.02 YNL106C|YOL065C|YIL002C split to SPBC577.13 YIL002C and SPBC2G2.02 YNL106C (from Compara checked with clustal)

SPAC22E12.13c|SPCC330.14c|SPACUNK4.13c YGL031C|YGR148C|YLR009W split to SPAC22E12.13c YLR009W and SPCC330.14c YGL031C|YGR148C and SPAC6G9.09c YGL031C|YGR148C (from Compara checked with clustal)

SPAC23H4.01c|SPBC2F12.05c YAR042W|YDL019C|YHR073W split to SPAC23H4.01c YHR073W andSPBC2F12.05c YAR042W|YDL019C (from Compara checked with clustal) SPBC3D6.06c |SPCC1620.06C| SPAC4A8.14 YHL011C|YER099C|YBL068W|YOL061W|YKL181W split to SPBC3D6.06c YOL061W and SPCC1620.06C YHL011C|YER099C|YBL068W and SPAC4A8.14 YKL181W (from Compara checked with clustal)

SPACUNK4.13c|SPAC27E2.03c YHL014C|YBR025C split cluster: SPACUNK4.13c YHL014C and SPAC27E2.03c YBR025C (from Compara checked with clustal)

SPAC3A12.02|SPAC23C11.05 split to (looked likely from phenotype analysis)


SPCC645.12 NONE (removes YNR010W/med9)

SPBC409.06 remove YJR099W (uch1 still has YJR099W, uch2/SPBC409.06 is lost from S.cerevisie) PMID:20838651

SPAC22A12.06c removed YOR280C (N teem of Dfr1, see additions)

Version 2.15

SPCC23B6.02c added YAL059W (Pfam submitted)

SPAP27G11.12 added YLR436C (Pfam submitted)

SPBP19A11.07c added YLR436C (Pfam submitted)

SPAC17A5.16 added YLR436C (Pfam submitted)

SPBP8B7.13 added YNL054W (Pfam submitted)

SPBC18H10.19 added YBR128C (Pfam submitted)

SPBC428.04 added YIL040W (Pfam submitted)

SPAC1610.01 added YKL183W (Pfam submitted)

SPBC21B10.06c added YMR163C (Pfam submitted)

SPAC3H8.05 added YPR164W (rebuild of PF10433)

SPAC57A10.08c added YBR204C (OrthoMcl? update)

SPCC18.19c added YGL226C-A (new fission yeast gene)

SPAP4C9.02 added YIL027C (new fission yeast gene)

SPAC6F6.19 added YLR271W (new fission yeast gene)

SPAC13G6.09 added YOL022c (PF04194)

SPCC188.07 added YDR295C (PF11496)

SPBC18E5.07 added YIR003C (PF11489)

SPAC15A10.12c added YEL048C (Pfam PF04628)

SPAC6B12.18 added YJL184W (PF08738)

SPBC15D4.11c added YIL070C (PF02330)

SPCC645.12c added YNR010W (PF07544)

SPAC22H10.11c added YLR223C (PF10380)

SPBC244.01c added YDL239C and YNL255c (PF11778)

SPAC15F9.01 added YGL060W and YBR216C (PF08568)

SPCC1442.02 added YGL060W and YBR216C (PF08568)

SPAC6B12.03c added YBR270C and YJL058C (PF08539)

SPBC2F12.03c removed YDR206W and YLR233C

SPBP8B7.01c removed YBR167c added YGR306 (pop6 instead of pop7)

Version 2.14

SPBC4.01 YBR040W PMID:19627505

SPBC725.12 YHR199C-A PMID:19570910

SPAC2F7.09c YOR205C PB001079

SPAC23C4.06c YNL024C see*

SPAC4H3.02c YAL011W PMID:19040720

SPAC23G3.04 YOR189W PMID:19040720

SPCC1235.16 YGR105W new pombe gene

SPAC5D6.12 YDL044C see*

SPAC25H1.06 YBR195C PMID:18761674

SPAC589.04 add YMR060C PF10568

*Pfam family has been revised to include new members, will be available in Pfam release 24


SPBC28F2.11 removed YDL002C (unsupported by final alignment)

SPCC1393.05 removed YCR075C (unsupported by final alignment)

SPBC18H10.10 removed YKL095W (YKL095W still has SPAC9.13c)

Other Alterations

SPCC70.12c YGR156C ->YGL146C (typo)

SPCC965.09 YJL126W->YLR351C

Version 2.13

Added (distant orthologs detected)

SPCC1393.05 YCR075C RNA-silencing factor Ers1; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPBC409.16c YAL027W recombination protein Saw1; Pfam release 24 (submitted)

SPAC22H10.11 YDR223W TOR signaling pathway transcriptional corepressor Crf1; Pfam release 23 (PF10380)

SPAC3F10.07c YOL110W palmitoyltransferase complex Erf4; Pfam release 23 (PF10256)

SPAC1420.01c YNL076W DUF1752 family protein; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPBC32F12.07c YMR187C ubiquitin-protein ligase E3; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPCC24B10.18 YLR363W-A human Leydig cell tumor protein homolog; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPBC1921.02 YDR363W DNA repair protein Rad60; pers. comm. C. Chahwan/ PMID:12897162

SPAC31G5.06 YPR116W mitochondrial protein; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPAC22F8.12c YPL055C small histone ubiquitination factor Shf1; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPCC188.07 YPR179C telomere maintenance protein; pers. comm. C. Chahwan

SPCC16A11.16c YLR421C adhesion regulating molecule protein homolog; Pfam release 24 (submitted)

SPBC342.04 YLR421C adhesion regulating molecule protein homolog; Pfam release 24 (submitted)

SPAC1805.17 YGR218W nuclear export receptor Crm1; Pfam release 23

SPBC3H7.12 YDR202C Rave complex subunit; PMID:18441123

SPAC644.10 YMR112C Mediator subunit Med11; Pfam release 24 (submitted)

SPAC12B10.02c YJL117W endoplasmic reticulum resident protein; Pfam release 24 (submitted)

SPBP8B7.01c YBR167C RNase P/MRP subunit; ortholog detection, essential orphans

SPAC26H5.06 YDL220C telomere binding protein; ortholog detection, essential orphans

SPAC1687.18c YER147C Sister chromatid cohesion protein; ortholog detection, essential orphans/ PF10345

SPBC17D1.01 YDR464W HMG box; ortholog detection, essential orphans

SPBC211.08c YGR158C exosomal ribonuclease, PH-like; ortholog detection, essential orphans

SPAC1006.02 YPR085C WD repeat domain; ortholog detection, essential orphans

SPBC2D10.19c YJL122W pre-60S shuttling factor;

SPBC947.03c YCR020C-A Sm domain protein;changes

Other Changes

SPBC12C2.13c added YMR088C removed YCL069W YGR224W YPR198W already has YBR293W

SPBC3E7.06c added YMR088C removed YCL069W YGR224W YPR198W already has YBR293W

SPAC1002.05c YMR176W instead of YJR119C

SPBP19A11.06 removed YMR176W

SPAC343.11C removed YMR176W

SPBC16A3.17 removed YBR293W

SPAC3H1.06 removed YBR293W

SPAC1399.02 removed YBR293W

Version 2.12

Distant orthologs added

SPCC4G3.18 ribosome biogenesis protein Rix1YHR197W

SPAC23C11.10 conserved eukaryotic protein YLR132C

SPBC21B10.13c transcription factor, homeobox typeYDR451C and YML027W

SPAC2F7.04 RNA polymerase II holoenzyme mediator complex subunit YPR070W

SPAC17A2.09c RNA-binding protein Csx1 YHR086W |YBR212W

SPBC23E6.01c RNA-binding protein, rrm type YHR086W |YBR212W


SPAC16A10.07c human TRF ortholog Taz1 YPL128C