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     1SPBC660.05              conserved fungal protein
     2SPBC660.06              conserved fungal protein
     3SPBC21C3.20c    git1    C2 domain protein Git1
     4SPAC110.02      pds5    cohesin-associated protein Pds5
     5SPAC227.19c             conserved protein
     6SPBC1539.01c            mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L15 (predicted)
     7SPAC1B3.01c             uracil phosphoribosyltransferase (predicted)
     8SPAC22H10.02            conserved fungal protein
     9SPAC22H10.10    alp21   tubulin specific chaperone cofactor E
     10SPAC6B12.16     meu26   conserved fungal protein
     11SPAC6B12.19     rsa3    ribosome assembly protein Rsa3 (predicted)
     12SPCC330.20      tam14   conserved fungal protein
     13SPBC4B4.09      usp105  U1 snRNP-associated protein Usp105
     14SPCC330.02      rhp7    Rad7 homolog Rhp7
     15SPAC12G12.09            conserved fungal protein
     16SPBC23G7.04c    nif1    SEL1 repeat protein Nif1
     17SPAC12G12.10    wdr21   WD repeat protein, human WDR21 family
     18SPBC23G7.07c            U3-containing 90S preribosome complex subunit (predicted)
     19SPAC32A11.02c           conserved fungal protein
     20SPAC17A5.05c            conserved fungal protein
     21SPAC15F9.01c            central kinetochore associated family protein
     22SPCC5E4.10c             human leukocyte receptor 1 ortholog
     23SPCC794.08              HEAT repeat protein, involved in localization to plasma membrane (predicted)
     24SPBC1604.03c            conserved fungal protein
     25SPAC17H9.03c    rdl1    RAD51D-like protein 1
     26SPAC3H5.13      new4    conserved eukaryotic protein
     27SPBC215.04      git11   heterotrimeric G protein gamma subunit Git11
     28SPAC1F12.04c            conserved fungal protein
     29SPAC57A10.07            conserved protein (fungal and protazoan)
     30SPBC1711.18     tam9    mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L36, MrpL36/YmL36 (product)
     31SPAC959.02      sec17   alpha SNAP (predicted)
     32SPBC649.04      uvi15   UV-induced protein Uvi15
     33SPBC1709.13c    set10   ribosomal lysine methyltransferase Set10
     34SPAC12B10.02c           endoplasmic reticulum resident protein required for packaging into COPII vesicles (predicted)
     35SPAC22E12.18            conserved fungal protein
     36SPAC22E12.04    ccs1    superoxide dismutase copper chaperone Ccs1
     37SPAC20G4.08             conserved fungal protein
     38SPAC23D3.06c    nup146  nucleoporin Nup146
     39SPAC23H3.04             conserved fungal protein
     40SPAC323.08              ribonuclease MRP complex subunit (predicted)
     41SPBC1105.15c    htd2    3-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase Htd2 (predicted)
     42SPCC1259.04     iec3    Ino80 complex subunit Iec3
     43SPAC1952.04c            conserved fungal protein
     44SPBC11B10.06    sws1    SWIM domain containing-Srs2 interacting protein 1
     45SPBC11B10.08            conserved fungal protein
     46SPAPB2B4.07             ubiquitin family protein, human UBTD1 homolog
     47SPAPB2B4.06             conserved fungal protein
     48SPAC6B12.14c            conserved fungal protein
     49SPAC19G12.16c   adg2    conserved fungal protein Adg2
     50SPBC83.15               ribosome biogenesis protein Nsa1 (predicted)
     51SPAC1B1.04c             poly(A)-specific ribonuclease complex subunit Pan3 (predicted)
     52SPAC3F10.08c            rRNA processing protein Faf1 (predicted)
     53SPAC20H4.08             phosphatase activator (predicted)
     54SPAC1952.10c            conserved fungal protein
     55SPCC736.14      dis1    microtubule-associated protein Dis1
     56SPAC16.05c      sfp1    transcription factor Sfp1 (predicted)
     57SPAC1F3.07c     rsc58   RSC complex subunit Rsc58
     58SPBC428.07      meu6    meiotic chromosome segregation protein Meu6
     59SPAC13G7.09c            conserved fungal protein
     60SPCC1281.02c    spf30   splicing factor Spf30 (predicted)
     61SPAC6F6.02c     pof5    F-box protein Pof5
     62SPAC1952.02             ribosome biogenesis protein (predicted)
     63SPAC9G1.13c     swc4    Swr1 complex subunit Swc4
     64SPAC4G9.22              conserved fungal protein
     65SPAC2G11.08c    smn1    SMN family protein Smn1
     66SPAC3A12.08             conserved fungal protein
     67SPAC1F7.14c     tam6    mitochondrial conserved protein
     68SPCC16C4.20c            Ino80 complex subunit (predicted)
     69SPAC22G7.02     kap111  karyopherin Kap111 (predicted)
     70SPCC285.13c     nup60   nucleoporin Nup60
     71SPBC646.14c     orc5    origin recognition complex subunit Orc5
     72SPAC1B1.01      deb1    transcription factor Deb1/Rdp1
     73SPAC8C9.19              conserved fungal protein
     74SPAC607.02c             conserved fungal protein
     75SPAC6C3.02c             mitochondrial CHCH domain protein (predicted)
     76SPAC19A8.10     rfp1    SUMO-targeted ubiquitin-protein ligase subunit Rfp1
     77SPCC285.14      trs130  TRAPP complex subunit Trs130 (predicted)
     78SPBC28F2.06c    mdm12   Mdm10/Mdm12/Mmm1 complex subunit Mdm12
     79SPCC757.11c             membrane transporter (predicted)
     80SPAC22A12.12c           exosome subunit Rrp40 (predicted)
     81SPAC8C9.10c             ribosome biogenesis protein Rrp14-N (predicted)
     82SPAC4H3.02c     swc3    Swr1 complex subunit Swc3
     83SPAC26H5.11     mug56   spore wall assembly protein (predicted)
     84SPAC2H10.02c            26S proteasome regulatory particle assembly protein (predicted)
     85SPAC19B12.12c   yip11   SMN family protein Yip11
     86SPBC409.23      tam7    conserved fungal protein
     87SPAC1B2.02c     ugo1    mitochondrial fusion and transport protein Ugo1 (predicted)
     88SPCC613.03              conserved fungal protein
     89SPAC12G12.07c           conserved fungal protein
     90SPAC806.08c     mod21   gamma tubulin complex subunit Mod21
     91SPAP8A3.14c             mitochondrial inner membrane protein (predicted)
     92SPAC12G12.01c           ubiquitin-protein ligase E3
     93SPAC4G9.04c             cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (predicted)
     94SPAC167.09              GPI-mannosyltransferase II complex subunit Pga1 (predicted)
     95SPAC1F5.05c             secretory vesice docking complex Mso1 (predicted)
     96SPCC970.12      mis18   kinetochore protein Mis18
     97SPBC21H7.05     sfc6    transcription factor TFIIIC complex subunit Sfc6
     98SPAC1687.09             ENTH/VHS domain protein (predicted)
     99SPBC25B2.05     mis3    rRNA processing protein Mis3
     100SPBC25B2.03             zf-C3HC4 type zinc finger
     101SPCC777.12c             thioredoxin family protein
     102SPAC1705.03c    ecm33   cell wall protein Ecm33
     103SPAC1A6.02              WD repeat protein, human WDR55 family, involved in ribosome biogenesis (predicted)
     104SPAC227.07c     pab1    protein phosphatase regulatory subunit Pab1
     105SPAC4F10.17             conserved fungal protein
     106SPBC27.04       uds1    septation protein Uds1
     107SPBC19C7.10     bqt4    bouquet formation protein Bqt4
     108SPAPB17E12.02   yip12   SMN family protein Yip12
     109SPAPB17E12.06   sos7    Bfr1 binding protein ortholog Sos7
     110SPAC4D7.14      new13   conserved fungal protein of unknown function
     111SPAC5D6.12              mitochondrial translation protein (predicted)
     112SPAP7G5.03      prm1    conjugation protein Prm1 (predicted)
     113SPCC18.19c      ost5    oligosaccharyltransferase complex zeta subunit Ost5 (predicted)
     114SPCC320.06              conserved fungal protein
     115SPAC17C9.11c            zf-C2H2 type zinc finger protein/UBA domain protein
     116SPAPB1A10.16            conserved fungal protein
     117SPAPB1A10.14    pof15   F-box protein (predicted)
     118SPCC757.02c             epimarase (predicted)
     119SPBC1685.11     rlp1    RecA family ATPase Rlp1
     120SPAC19G12.12    dlp1    decaprenyl diphosphate synthase subunit 2 Dlp1
     121SPBC2D10.19c            pre-60S shuttlingfactor (predicted)
     122SPBC582.04c             conserved fungal protein
     123SPBC1198.03c            Golgin subfamily A member
     124SPAC977.18              conserved fungal protein
     125SPBC19C2.11c    mdm34   mitochondrial outer membrane protein Mdm34 (predicted)
     126SPAC1399.04c            uracil phosphoribosyltransferase (predicted)
     127SPAC977.04              truncated C terminal region of membrane transporter
     128SPBC839.19      new20   conserved eukaryotic protein
     129SPBC16C6.06     vps10   sorting receptor for vacuolar proteins, Vps10
     130SPAC3A11.02     cps3    zinc finger protein Cps3
     131SPAC959.06c             conserved fungal protein
     132SPAC6G9.02c     nop9    RNA-binding protein Nop9 (predicted)
     133SPBC17G9.13c            conserved fungal mitochondrial protein
     134SPCC1259.05c    cox9    cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIa (predicted)
     135SPAC31G5.06     rgg8    mitochondrial protein Rgg8 (predicted)
     136SPBC16E9.19             conserved fungal protein
     137SPAC14C4.06c            poly(A) binding protein Nab2 (predicted)
     138SPBC13A2.02     nup82   nucleoporin Nup82
     139SPAC1486.02c    dsc2    UBA domain protein Ucp14
     140SPBC1711.09c            SNARE associated Golgi protein (predicted)
     141SPBC1711.01c    mat3-Mm mating-type M-specific polypeptide Mi at silenced MAT3 locus
     142SPBC27B12.08    sip1    Pof6 interacting protein Sip1, predicted AP-1 accessory protein
     143SPBC56F2.05c            transcription factor (predicted)
     144SPBC365.16              conserved protein
     145SPAC222.17              conserved fungal protein
     146SPAC16A10.03c           zinc finger protein Pep5/Vps11-like (predicted)
     147SPAC222.10c     byr4    two-component GAP Byr4
     148SPAC458.04c     dli1    dynein intermediate light chain Dli1/Dil1
     149SPBC1709.17             folylpolyglutamate synthase (predicted)
     150SPAC222.16c     csn3    COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn3 (predicted)
     151SPBC1709.20     pop8    RNase P and RNase MRP subunit Pop8 (predicted)
     152SPAC19A8.11c            recombination protein Irc6 (predicted)
     153SPAC186.04c             N-terminal of transmembrane channel, trunucated
     154SPAC2F3.14c     saf2    splicing associated factor Saf2
     155SPBC2F12.17     cox7    cytochrome c oxidase subunit VII Cox7 (predicted)
     156SPBC2F12.11c    rep2    transcriptional activator, MBF subunit Rep2
     157SPAC2F3.18c             ribonuclease kappa ortholog (predicted)
     158SPBPB2B2.08             conserved fungal protein
     159SPAC8E11.05c            conserved fungal protein
     160SPAC1142.03c    swi2    Swi5 complex subunit Swi2
     161SPBC1E8.03c             conserved fungal protein
     162SPBC1921.06c    pvg3    galactosylxylosylprotein 3-beta-galactosyltransferase Pvg1 (predicted)
     163SPAC458.02c             mRNP complex (predicted)
     164SPBC2D10.17     clr1    cryptic loci regulator Clr1
     165SPBC2D10.16     mhf1    FANCM-MHF complex subunit Mhf1
     166SPAPB8E5.10             conserved fungal protein, with meiosis specific splicing
     167SPBC2D10.06     rep1    MBF transcription factor complex subunit Rep1
     168SPBC2D10.05     exg3    glucan 1,3-beta-glucosidase Exg3
     169SPBC30D10.21    new18   mitochondrial protein
     170SPBC26H8.02c    sec9    SNAP-25 homologue, t-SNARE component Sec9
     171SPAPB1E7.04c            chitinase (predicted)
     172SPBC1E8.05              conserved fungal protein
     173SPBC1604.25     pet117  Pet117 cytochrome c oxidase assemby protein (predicted)
     174SPMIT.08                mitochondrial ribosomal small subunit (predicted)
     175SPCC622.13c     tti1    Tel Two Interacting protein 1
     176SPAC31A2.03     mrpl11  mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L11 (predicted)
     177SPCC622.10c             exocyst complex subunit Sec5 (predicted)
     178SPAC1952.14c    mrpl25  mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L25 (predicted)
     179SPAC22F3.11c    snu23   U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex subunit Snu23 (predicted)
     180SPAC926.02              conserved fungal protein
     181SPBC1105.01     rrp12   rRNA processing protein Rrp12-like (predicted)
     182SPAC17G6.17     pof8    F-box protein Pof8
     183SPBC27B12.01c   mmm1    Mdm10/Mdm12/Mmm1 complex subunit Mmm1 (predicted)
     184SPAP11E10.02c   mam3    cell agglutination protein Mam3
     185SPBC29A10.07    pom152  nucleoporin Pom152
     186SPBC28F2.02     mep33   mRNA export protein Mep33
     187SPCC1393.05     ers1    RNA-silencing factor Ers1
     188SPAC17A5.10             conserved fungal protein
     189SPMTR.03                mating-type m-specific polypeptide Mi
     190SPMTR.01        matPc   P-specific polypeptide Pc
     191SPBC3H7.08c             conserved fungal protein
     192SPAC31A2.13c    sft1    SNARE Sft1 (predicted)
     193SPAC1071.05             S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase (predicted)
     194SPBC28E12.05    esf2    U3 snoRNP-associated protein Esf2 (predicted)
     195SPBC28E12.02            RNA-binding protein
     196SPAC26A3.17c            N-methyltransferase (predicted)
     197SPCC1682.05c    srp68   signal recognition particle subunit (predicted)
     198SPAC15A10.17    coa2    cytochrome C oxidase assembly factor Coa2 (predicted)
     199SPAC589.04              metaxin 1 (predicted)
     200SPAC23D3.08     usp108  U1 snRNP-associated protein Usp108
     201SPAC2C4.08              conserved fungal protein
     202SPAC16E8.12c            ING family homolog Png3 (predicted)
     203SPAC16E8.18c    tam5    sequence orphan
     204SPBC947.14c     cbp6    mitochondrial respiratory chain complex assembly protein Cbp6 (predicted)
     205SPBC1271.01c    pof13   F-box protein Pof13
     206SPAPB21F2.03            ribosome biogenesis protein (predicted)
     207SPCP31B10.04            conserved fungal protein
     208SPBP35G2.16c    ecl2    extender of the chronological lifespan protein Ecl2
     209SPBC16H5.13             WD repeat protein, human WDR7 ortholog
     210SPBP4H10.16c            phosphatase activator (predicted)
     211SPBC15D4.10c    amo1    nuclear rim protein Amo1
     212SPBC15C4.01c    oca3    TPR repeat protein Oca3/ ER membrane protein complex Ecm2 (predicted)
     213SPCC1020.09     gnr1    heterotrimeric G protein beta subunit Gnr1