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DatatypeExampleCardinalityInput format requirementExport format requirement
Gene systematic ID SPCPB16A4.03c 1 (single gene) >1 (multigene) See 1 mandatory mandatory
Gene name ade100 or greateroptionaloptional
Allele name ade10-10 or greater optionaloptional
Allele description e.g deletion, overexpression or See 2 1 (single gene) >1 (multigene) See 1 mandatory mandatory
Allele synonymade101 3 0 or greater optionaloptional
FYPO IDFYPO:0000000 1 mandatory mandatory
Evidence codecell growth assay 4 mandatory mandatory
Condition at high temperature See 5 mandatory mandatory
  1. Cardinality is one for single genes, >1 for multigenes. Q How should these be separated ? comma/pipe? need to be able to combine with allele description to make genotype, so should be colinear?
  1. If the user wants to submit an alternative name for an allele
  1. ECO subset
  1. Currently a list, will be a vocabulary