Action items carried forward from Oct

  • Follow up desktop sharing software (circulate possibilities, do free trial?) (Midori)
  • Ask Henning Hermjakob about possibility of OLS as webservice to attach annotations to, we will have the next planning meeting at Hinxton and see if Henning can join us for a while.

Action items from 26th Jan meeting


  • AI Val Find out if GeneDB stats record "number of visits" or "unique visitors", get both DONE
  • AI Val/EBI Pass on Conrad Nieduszynski's details to Mark/Paul/Dan? to contact him how best to host data as a track with links into OriDB DONE
  • AI All helpdesk personnel. Ensure that user queries answers ASAP, or that users are given an estimate of when their query will be resolved, if possible DONE
  • AI Kim provide what is needed to EBI for subdomain DONE
  • AI Antonia ask Jurg group to report speed issues directly to Mark with details of page/time DONE
  • AI Midori/Antonia? build query into (assuming this refers to usability testing, DONE)
  • AI Midori/Antonia? to propose suggested use cases for discussion (preferably after seeing templates). Use usability issues/use cases reported by users from agenda of 26th Jan as test cases. DONE
  • AI Mark to meet with Jenny to discuss use case templates ASAP DONE
  • AI Midori Trial user to be identified for testing the test in Cambridge (in February?). DONE
  • AI Midori/Antonia? 2 dates in March (from Jenny's list of 4) to be agreed for user testing in London (and Cambridge?) - we should try and fix these dates ASAP. We are looking for a total of 8 users in total, we need ~1 hour of each of their time. DONE
  • AI Midori raise priority items which result in wrong results to "blocker" as a classification for preview removal, anything which can wait for GeneDB decommissioning can be "critical". DONE
  • AI Val Update notice on GeneDB website to match current status DONE



  • AI Curators let EBI know when speed issues arise (Mail Mark directly not through jira)

Meetings Attended/ Upcoming

  • GO meeting (feb Val attended)
  • PN/Ryoko curation (Val)
  • BYG this week, Midori attending with phenotype poster
  • EMBO course (val teaching) July
  • Biocurator meeting (April) - Antonia presenting (2 posters phenotype and community curation, platform talk on Curation tool and community curation)
  • proposed Workshop for 2103 (International meeting)
  • Others ?


  • Long term will *everything* still need to go through External Services?
  • ftp site migration (see e-mail to PomBase? internal)
  • name@… etc. e-mail alias

Curation update


  • brief update on curation tool, triage, curation

Review "post-preview" criteria & progress


  • Review blocker and critacal jira items
  • Update on speed issues, causes and work arounds
    • move to London, expected speed up, sis this happen yet?
    • speed of initial page being returned
    • speed of complete page loading, especially of references which sometimes appear to never completely load

Focused User testing

Mark & Midori, outcomes from first focused user testing

Misc Data problems (wrong/missing data)

Tasks before GeneDB decommissioned

Usability issues/ issues reported by users


Next meeting at Hinxton

PIs meeting (10 minutes)

Pub anyone ?

Lower priority /Later?


  • download

  • Need an intermediate page for site wide download options linked from main page menus

Browsing Ontologies

  • AmiGO2 demo
    • Need to contact Chris and Seth to make sure stable URL for meeting

Notes: AmiGO2 is generic and can support other ontologies. To get the cool axial, drill down search/filtering working it involved the use of Solr indexes? which need to be built but Chris says it should be relatively straightforward to implement. This should fulfill our requirements which are not met by other available tools (i.e the ability to provide links to gene product at different levels of the heirarchy). It also handles x-products.....

I'll put this for discussion, demo at a future planning meeting. (Quickgo issues include: different gene product names and IDs; only protein; not representing all annotation; how are term names displayed and accessed; update frequency )

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