Outstanding Action items from May

  • Ask Henning Hermjakob about possibility of OLS as webservice to attach annotations to, we will have the next planning meeting at Hinxton and see if Henning can join us for a while.
    • AI EBI to action selenium testing and check server is sufficiently powered
    • AI Mark/Dan? Difficult to link back to genomic regions with output provided
      • Mark will provide some examples for the next meeting
    • AI EBI Linking between browser and gene page
      • provide a "button" to link to Ensembl from Gene pages and vice versa
      • reduce number of linked up/downstream genes
      • place link to Ensembl browser underneath the gene list (NOTE, THIS IS STILL NOT CLEAR BUT WILL PROBABLY BE DISCUSSED IN FEEDBACK FROM USER TESTING?)
    • AI Currently PK is looking into the interaction between ES and and PomBase. ( Re Long term will *everything* still need to go through External Services?)

Not sure any of these are resolved so transfering forward to july agenda


Have not done stats updates as will need to redo at month end:

  • Hosting data on tracks (e.g Buck example) .... what is the plan for hosting these types of datasets? Was there an action item here? Move forward
  • Item from Mark determine the functionality of the dev site going forward.
  • Showing the latest dataset (with filtered IEAs etc), the current dataset ids from September

Still pending

Curation update (Val)

  • Skipped, will do update for next meeting

Focused User testing

Mark - outcomes from user testing

Q did all issues get logged (didn't get follow up from 2nd part)

  • out of date, mostly the same comments as previous

Review "post-preview" and "GeneDB decommissioning" criteria & progress

Preview removal

Discuss preview removal, see email from earlier in week with new propsed priorites, discuss

  • Update notice about preview removal on GeneDB website
  • Inform users of changes/ pending changes (like, new annotation will only go into PomBase)
  • Explain differences in GO totals (later)

Short discussion on what needed to happen for preview removal.

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