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Planning Meeting Tuesday 09 Nov 2012 - Minutes

Agenda for this meeting

Tuesday 09 Nov, 15:00, CU

Present: Val, Midori, Mark, Dan, Paul, Steve
Remote: Kim, Antonia,
Chair: Val
Minutes: Val Apologies: Jürg

Previous Action Items carried forward

  • Action: Curators look into acquiring data from strain collection in Japan(Not done)
  • AI provide browser access statistics at some point in the future (put on jira tracker as "blue sky"
  • AI Val will provide the feedback from the fission yeast community on the browser to Giulietta


Usage stats

Curation update

  • See Agenda

Web site status and next priorities

  • We went live with the new data today
  • Next priorities, after we go live with this dataset are to process the 11 jira tickets to enable GeneDB to be decommissioned
  • Process post GeneDB commissioning tickets (note these were originally pre-decommissioning tasks but were flagged as slightly less urgent)
  • Host some HTP datasets

New Action Items

  • AI curators look at vertebrate demo of vertebrate browser (beta)
  • AI Showcase community curated papers on front page (check that the community curated flag is loaded into Chado)
  • AI remove left hand menu from front page
  • AI val/curators to mock up rearranged front page (look @ other MODS , I quite like SGD's, we should have a "fast track" your paper link like flybase, but this would take you to the curation tool)
  • AI next meeting demo of curation tool
  • AI Val will announce next stage of community curation and request people eager to participate contact us.
  • AI Val/curators will start to send out a large number of community curation sessions
  • AI Curators will concentrate on older presumably quicker papers, or any papers which are unlikely to get curated (retired labs etc)
  • AI send some papers to Paul to curate
  • AI Next priorities for Mark i) check that between EG release data reload works from beginning to end
  • AI Mark jira items required for GeneDB commissioning (only 11 remaining)
  • AI Mark add a new jira component for hosting new datasets
  • AI Next month discuss next priorities
  • AI Val to enquire about " stand" at PomBase? meeting
  • AI Orginise a large general "PomBase?" banner
  • AI discussion about displaying interactions in both directions
  • AI Sam's data, decided to add "condition" Val will contact Sam, also need to add PMID and chase "quiescence term", then decide where this data should live (pombase-embl)?
  • AI Next meeting doodle poll 1-17 Dec