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Planning Meeting Tuesday 17 Dec 2012 - Minutes

Agenda for this meeting

Tuesday 17 Dec, 10:00, EBI

Present: Val, Midori, Mark, Dan, Paul
Remote: Kim, Jürg
Chair: Val
Minutes: Mark

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Curation update

  • See Agenda

Previous Action Items Bought Forward

  • Finish the final items for the decommissioning of the GeneDB site.
  • Demo of curation tool
  • Send papers to Paul K.
  • Organisation for Pombe2013
    • Stand (£2000)
      • Banners
      • Posters
      • ?Freebees?
    • ?Poster Drinks? - Potential funding
    • ?Conference talk? (£5000)

New Action Items

  • Redesign of the PomBase front page.
    • VW: Source some images of cells that could be used.
    • VW: Highlight specific papers to display on the front page
    • MM: Convert to a multi-column format.
  • MM: Load the transcriptome datasets listed on JIRA
  • MM: Update xref names before running the update annotation scripts.
  • PK/DS/MM: EMBL submission files. Work out what is going to happen with these going forward
  • Search:
    • MM: Auto-regenerate the search indexes and get ES to set up a new domain and index the PomBase dumps.
    • MM: Get the simple search to include the orthologues.
    • All curators: discussion to nail down what search options and behaviour we really want, then update Jira
  • KR: Generate v31 Chado dump
  • DS/MM: GFF and GTF usage standardisation in ensembl for downloads. Needs assigning.
  • KR: Work on the Session Management for the curation tool.


  • Future meetings to review what data there is available and to discuss what to load.
  • Next Meeting: 21st Jan 2013