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     1= Planning Meeting ----Monday 21 January 2013 - Minutes =
     4Monday 21 January, 10:00, Cambridge
     6Present: Val, Midori, Jürg, Antonia, Paul, Steve [[BR]]
     7Remote: Jürg, Dan, Mark [[BR]]
     8Chair: Val [[BR]]
     9Minutes: Val/Antonia
     11 * speed and page loading
     12  AI: Mark will look into why pages are loading slowly / what can be done to speed it up
     14  * wild card searching "Not being able to search on partial gene names or IDs"
     15    There is no good solution to this problem at the moment. It makes a massively bigger search space (Paul). Could we just search pombe systematic ID’s? (Midori)
     16    AI: Mark (?) To look into whether a smaller search space can be searched
     18  * Scheduled date for when datasets will go live.
     19We should have a scheduled date for when whatever data set is available will be the next one loaded (Paul). Usually this happens 6 weeks before release (Dan). This only addresses Ensembl genome (Val). Are we loading interim versions?
     20AI Kim: flag the datasets that should be loaded. Mark should load the most recent one of the ones that have been flagged as ‘loadable’.
     22 *  Turnaround time of < 2 months  is too long once community curation is launched (version 30 is from  12 November). We should talk about ways to improve this (most MODs update nightly).
     23  Mark has worked about doing loads independently. If this can be automated it will be a lot quicker (Paul). We also need to know for when the ‘final versions’ need to be available (Midori).
     24AI: Mark get an automated pipeline in to do updates quickly. This will allow a more frequent release cycle. 
     27 * implement the RNA/protein expression data from Sam's paper
     28    *  AI Antonia to sort data out (add column for conditions and PMID)
     29     * need an ontology term for quiescence
     30       AI Midori to add a PBO term
     32     * phenotype allele display,
     33        *
     34        * (merge)
     35       We decided to remove allele type column and add nt_ or aa_ in front of allele. This would indicate if it’s an amino acid or nucleotide that’s been deleted or mutated. A jira ticket has been created
     37     * Gene name synching (e.g.  why is mre11 still called rad32…was changed in early November?)
     39     * What do we need to tell CRUK lab heads to resolve their fire wall problem ? 
     40       Mark needs to know if their firewall is stripping cookies from pages.
     41       AI Val to ask them if this is happening.
     43== Other ==
     44AI: Mark to liase with Julietta to help with making a Pombe community curation video.
     46== Meetings Attended/ Upcoming ==
     48 * 28 Feb/ 1 MArch GO cell cycle ontology contant meeting ( GO and Jacky Hayles)
     50 * March 20-22 BYG 2 posters submitted:  Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotype ontology)
     53 *  April 7-10 ISB, 4 posters submitted: Val (Annotation QC, general PomBase), Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotype ontology)
     54   Mark might want to attend, at least poster sessions?
     55   * April 10-13 GO meeting is immediately after this meeting,  Mark should attend the software sessions
     57 * Pombe meeting, still need to decide what to do about PomBase/GO/curation demo
     58   Community curation walk through (quick but so that people know about it) early on in the meeting.  This will allow people to come to the stand and ask questions. We need a longer slot to demonstrate the website (ideally a 30 min slot) but this can be done later whenever tools and resources session is.