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Things to test for each release

Check that each item works and/or is displayed as expected.

Gene Pages

Check each section; pka1 has examples of almost everything listed. TO DO: Fill in other genes as examples for anything not on pka1 page.

  • Sequence download section working (protein, DNA etc)
  • References resolve correctly
  • All ontology sections: check extension display
    • ontology terms (GO, SO, etc.) show term name, hyperlinked appropriately, and with ID in mouseover
      • Ste11 has SO and PR and genes linked, mal1 links to chebi, trx1 has PR: in phenotype)
    • correct relation displayed (e.g. input_for should only appear in Target Of section)
    • pombe gene name hyperlinked to gene page (systematic ID displayed only for genes that don't have standard names)
  • GO
    • ensure NOT annotations are not included in totals or in slim (for example rae1 NOT mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint vs regulation of mitotic cell cycle slim term)
    • 'with' column entries link correctly
  • Protein family data rendered correctly
    • Are protein family labels present?
    • Has anything new appeared in this section?
  • check orthologs
    • for example SPBC21B10.05c MLST8
  • check that data from a new curation session has gone in
  • check that data from a new phaf has gone in
    • V42 - PMID_16169489_phaf
    • V46 - PMID_20625380_phaf.tsv
    • V47 - PMID_21340088_phaf.tsv PMID_24727291_phaf.tsv
    • V57 15821139
  • TO DO: Fill in additional things to look for here


  • Comparative data displayed sensibly
  • Check that each track type 'nucleosome positioning' 'polyA' etc are working
  • Sensible track labels
  • Multiple alignment viewer works for Compara trees

Website (static and autogenerated pages)

  • GO slim is present and updated
  • Advanced query is functioning
    • GO querying (and that numbers agree with slim)
    • FYPO querying working
  • Motif search working

Download data

  • check that all of the downlaod files on the ftp site are i) archived ii) updated correctly
    • spot check some file contents