(February 18 2013)

Outstanding Action items from December

  • AI Organise a large general "PomBase" banner
  • Demo of curation tool (postponed)
  • Send papers to Paul K.
  • AI Val/curators will start to send out a large number of community curation sessions (postponed until new session management and documentation is in place. Will continue to send out small numbers of papers)

New action items from January

  • AI: Mark will look into why pages are loading slowly / what can be done to speed it up (highest priority task)
  • AI: Mark To look into whether a smaller search space can be searched on simple search
  • AI: Kim flag the Chado releases that he and curators agree are ready to load. Mark should load the most recent one of the ones that have been flagged as ‘loadable’.
  • AI: Mark get an automated pipeline in to do PomBase updates quickly. Make planned release schedule available to all PomBase team (especially curators)
  • AI: Mark to liaise with Giulietta to help with making a Pombe community curation video.
  • AI: Antonia to sort cell data out (add column for conditions and PMID), and similar date from other groups
  • AI: add PBO term for quiescence (Midori to draft name & def [DONE]; Mark to add to PBO)
  • AI: Val to ask CRUK if their firewall is stripping cookies from pages and let Mark know

New Agenda Items

  • Update on regularity of updates (this is not happening)
    • We are still showing version 30 from 12th November (253 fully curated publications)
    • V31 is on stage and hasn't gone live yet. (324 fully curated publications)
    • V32 was skipped because version 31 hasn't gone live (330 fully curated publications)
    • and we are building V 33 (535 fully curated publications) We are eager for this to go live, so we could also skip V31 (However the jira tickets aligned with the "skipped" releases should be addressed with high priority)
  • Progress implementing the RNA/protein expression data from Sam's paper
  • Update on gene name synching (e.g. why is mre11 still called rad32…was changed in early November?)
  • Update on providing files for download
    • At present files are not consistent with version (out of date). Lots of outstanding helpdesk tickets related to this


Updates from various Areas


  • Helpdesk Did anyone answer the GFF/GTF query
    • General helpdesk procedure. ...answer within a couple of days

Curation Update

  • triage
  • 535 approved sessions up from 441
  • A few community curation, but still not sent out bulk, still need
    • More frequent updates
    • session management and help finishing for Canto (in progress)

Phenotype Ontology

  • 1932 phenotype terms
  • anything else

Chado loading

  • anything to report ?

Curation tool

  • anything to report?

Review priorities & progress

Current jira status:

Meetings Attended/ Upcoming

  • 28 Feb-1 March GO cell cycle ontology content meeting ( GO and Jacky Hayles)
  • March 20-22 BYG 2 posters submitted: Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotypes)
  • April 7-10 ISB, 4 posters submitted: Val (Annotation QC, general PomBase), Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotypes) Mark might want to attend, at least poster sessions?
    • April 10-13 GO meeting is immediately after this meeting, Mark should attend the software sessions

  • Pombe meeting, still need to decide what to do about PomBase/GO/curation demo


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