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(March 18 2013)

Outstanding Action items

New action items from February

New Agenda Items

  • update on speed and page loading
  • Update on regularity of updates

  • We are now showing version 31 from * (324 fully curated publications)
    • V32 was skipped because version 31 hasn't gone live (330 fully curated publications)
    • V33 (535 fully curated publications) is on stage

  • Progress implementing the RNA/protein expression data from Sam's paper (now tabled for V 34, need to load into Chado and get display on gene page sorted)

  • Update on gene name synching (e.g. why is mre11 still called rad32…was changed in early November?)
  • Update on providing files for download
    • At present files are not consistent with version (out of date). Lots of outstanding helpdesk tickets related to this

  • synchronicity issues


Updates from various Areas


Curation Update

  • triage
  • * approved sessions up from 535

  • session management and help finishing for Canto (in progress) COMPLTETE TEST AND UPDATE

Phenotype Ontology

  • ???? phenotype terms
  • anything else

Chado loading

  • anything to report ?

Curation tool

  • anything to report?

Review priorities & progress

Current jira status:

  • Data download files
  • Other data hosting

Meetings Attended Upcoming UPDATE

  • 28 Feb-1 March GO cell cycle ontology content meeting ( GO and Jacky Hayles)
  • March 20-22 BYG 2 posters submitted: Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotypes)
  • April 7-10 ISB, 4 posters submitted: Val (Annotation QC, general PomBase), Antonia (community curation), Midori (phenotypes) Mark might want to attend, at least poster sessions?
    • April 10-13 GO meeting is immediately after this meeting, Mark should attend the software sessions

  • Pombe meeting, still need to decide what to do about PomBase/GO/curation demo


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