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    99 == Postponed Action Items ==
     11   * Demo of curation tool (postponed)
     12   *  Mark to liaise with Giulietta to help with making a pombe community curation video (postponed until curators have script)
     13   *  Dan and Mark to see what files downloadable from PomBase have previously been generated by Ensembl. These should be easy to create automatic updates for (In progress?)
     14   *  making Artemis applet available
     15   * Sort out display for gene captions/summaries on gene pages (Mark)
     16   *  Paul to see to that the restriction enzyme mappings get calculated (if REBASE doesn’t work out) and/or get included as a track.
    1017 == Outstanding action items carried forward from previous meeting  ==
     19   * AI Curators to draw up a script for the curation video. What steps do we want to show on the video? Discuss at next curator meeting. (Part Done)
     20   * AI: Document how to submit data to ftp directory (what file format for what data-types. Using accession numbers or uploading data files, genome assembly date, PMID) (Ensembl rest is in
     21   * AI: Need to document how users can visualize their data privately (Ensembl
     22   * AI: relationships for graph generation, actions rolled into
     23   * AI: Mark needs to know when new SO qualifiers (like TR box) are added (open jira item for Kim to generate a list) ( also NOTE: TR box is a gene feature not a transcript feature
     24   * AI: Remove ':pep' from identifiers in cDNA FASTA file (Kim)
     25   * AI:? Discussed moving to similar schema as for transcripts, so proteins are named systematic_ID.1 .2 matching alternative transcripts and only differentiated by "type" Any changes related to this are postponed until after 2013 which gives us time to think if this is what we really want to do (Kim sounded not keen)
     26   * AI: Val to find assembly files pre-dating 2007,
     27   * AI: Kim to check if interactions are reciprocally represented in chado? revisit PB-873 at next planning meeting
    1129== Action items from **** ==
    1230    * AI: send instructions to Val about how to submit data to ftp site? (Mark)